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Revisiting Geolocation Metadata In Our Toys

Many people do not know that this hidden metadata exists. If you take a picture with a device, then post it to a social network, you could be unwittingly advertising your exact location.

Fake Opera Browser Update Distributes Ransomware

Following a breach on Opera’s network and using one of its older code-signing certificate to digitally sign a nasty Trojan downloader part of the Zbot family and package it as an update for the Opera browser. An estimated 300 million users may have been infected.

First Official Xbox One Emulator Is a Phony

Gamer or not, you’ve likely heard about the next generation of video game consoles arriving later this year. However, you probably haven’t heard that fake emulators for the anticipated consoles are already being distributed.

While some attempts have been made by Google, Facebook and the likes to come up with new privacy features in their products whatever hope was left may very well have been shattered with the recent NSA leaks about the PRISM surveillance program.

Electronic License Plates: A Better Alternative?

Dubbed the electronic license plate, or Etag, this new technology in South Carolina would allow the state’s DMV to change what’s displayed on your tag—without your consent.

How Google is taking steps to keep their users safe and what security improvements on Android is helping to keep malware off your phone and tablet.

A Guide to Website Security

Having your own website is hard enough. In addition to adding content, trying to grow your audience, maintaining it, now you have to be cautious of malware possibly being spread through your beloved website?

Scammers use psychological manipulation to defraud their victims. Learn how to better protect yourself and avoid scams — even ones you’ve never heard of.

Seven tips to keep your PC safe this summer

Whether you’re lost on a road trip, going deaf at a rock concert, or getting your sun tan on, odds are PC security isn’t the first thing on your mind as you enter this summer season.

While many repositories like Cydia, a program that allows you to download pirated apps for free on your Jailbroken iPod / iPhone / iPad, beyond the copyright infringement issue, there is also the risk of downloading an infected app and getting more than what you bargained for.

When analyzing malware, what you see on disk is oftentimes not an accurate representation of what’s actually happening in memory.

Awareness and education about online dangers is essential but headlines like “Malware That Drains Your Bank Account Thriving On Facebook” instill fear while at the same time blame Facebook — something that may not be entirely justified.

What are Trojans?

Computer Trojans, like the mythical horse of the Trojan war, often disguise themselves as something useful or at least innocent. Once inside, however, they often download and install other vicious malware.

What is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?

What is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?

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