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CanSecWest: Day 1 Recap

Malwarebytes is in attendance at the annual CanSecWest conference that began on a sunny day in beautiful (but often rainy) Vancouver, British Columbia.

Scammers pretending to be an assistant to a finance journalist asks victims to sign up for pre-paid credit cards.

Malware found in Google Play Store

Two malware disguised as apps found in the Google Play Store.

Find out how malware fools common file scanners.

Lots of malware scams asks you to switch off your anti-virus before running the executable. Including this fake Steam Guard one.

A trojan is circulating through Facebook stealing accounts and (probably) taking creds.

Alleged Bitcoin Creator Gets a Free Lunch

Newsweek reporter supposedly found the elusive creator of the famous crypto currency Bitcoin, but did she go overboard in trying to find him?

A Friday (Spam) Roundup

Rounding up all the big spam campaigns this week.

Chameleon WiFi Virus Spreads Like a Cold

Chameleon WiFi virus silently infects access points.

A fake “important (Adobe) Flash update” prompt users with multiple pop-ups to update update update!

Digital Comics provider ComiXology sent password reset emails to all users following a breach.

Russian Trojan comes pre-installed

Malware discovered in fake pre-installed Netflix Android app.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile gets an update and will now protect your Android devices from pesky PUPs.

Bitcoin Trouble on the Open Express

Why is everyone attacking Bitcoin users?

A site claims that Mt. Gox are “returning all the lost Bitcoins” and you only have to install a Flash Player to view it.

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