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“Invitation to the Great Illuminati” Spam Mail

A mysterious email…of mystery!

More often than not, we yield to that innate curiosity in us, regardless of whether it’s for our own good or not. If we’re not careful, we may have unknowingly contributed to the spreading of a scam wherein everyone loses and only the social engineer behind it wins. [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] Uncut! Mermaid found inside a […]

We’re seeing numerous Youtube videos advertising programs and functionality related to Windows XP, which is interesting given it just rode off into the sunset. A relevant angle to start off with: security programs, because a little extra security on an XP box certainly won’t hurt these days: The above links lead to PUP executables (Potentially […]

This Origin Phish Isn’t Very Sporting

A fake EA Sports FIFA Twitter account hijacks your tweets conversations with the real @EASPORTSFIFA.

A quick FAQ on what the Heartbleed bug is and how it affects you.

Scammer Network Recruits Penniless Gamer Army

Scammers take advantage of penniless gamers to push survey scams by advertising free games and presenting endless surveys.

Fake UPS e-mails are circulating, contains Zeus Trojan

Internet users: mitigate possible threats brought about by the Heartbleed bug before it’s too late.

Scam Virus Shield app top paid app in Play Store

An app claiming to be an antivirus solution climbed the charts as a top paid app in the Play Store. After a week of news regarding Android not attracting developers because they aren’t able to earn money, this app, Virus Shield was able to get thousands of purchases in a short amount of time — […]

Windows XP, You Have Served Us Well

Tips to give you a fighting chance to keep your computers and personal information secured post-Microsoft XP end of life.

Open Source Laptop

A completely from scratch, hand built “hacker” laptop.

Facebook video scam of “[SHOCKING VIDEO] This girl KILLED herself after her DAD saw her doing THIS!” on the rise.

Fake Rihanna Tape Leads to Survey Scam

Login and fill out some never-ending surveys to view a fake Rihanna video.

Sality Malware Now Features DNS Changer

The well-known Sality malware, now changing your DNS server.

Be mindful that even a .gov site can end up with content on them that shouldn’t be there. Pay close attention to those pop-ups.

Fake Google sites hope to phish your login and downloads a malicious payload.

When is a PDF not a PDF? When it’s a fake Facebook notification leading to malware.

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