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A Week in Security (Jun 22 – 28)

A weeks’ worth of security news for the last week of June.

Poste Italiane scam mails are doing the rounds, with a very phishy attachment included for good measure.

Scammers offer a fake way to hack others’ Facebook account.

A look at a double-dipping advertising network

A malvertising campaign employing stealthy methods of infection ‘double dips’ to make a profit and exploit their victims.

Scammers are trying to spread a fake a viral video on Facebook proclaimed actor Tracy Morgan is dead.

Phishy Steam Guard File Steals SSFN

Phishers are now automating how they get around Steam Guard protection on Steam gaming accounts.

Advisory: Seasonal Scam Returns

Fake websites ready to pounce on unwary internet users in search of the latest summer diet craze or fitness regimens of their favourite celebrities.

A Week in Security (Jun 15 – 21)

In case you missed it, here’s the top security news for June 15 to 21.

A new Dropbox phish which is after credentials of a number of email services discovered.

Fake Amazon Local spam mails are in circulation and delivering nothing but malware.

Spammers try to panic end-users into clicking Canadian Pharmacy spamlinks by saying their photos are done uploading.

Fake EA Instagram Account Has World Cup Fever

Fake EA Sports Instagram promises new / exclusive content for FIFA14 just in time for the World Cup.

One VPN To Rule Them All!

If you want to anonymize your traffic, one of the cheapest option is to set up your own VPN. Learn how.

Latest survey scam on Facebook leads users with a purported clip of a man eaten by a huge snake.

Don’t Shake the Valve

How did this game developer get himself banned from the Steam community forums?

DotA 2 might be one of the biggest multiplayer games around, but that just means rich pickings for scammers.

A weeks’ worth of security news for the week of June 8 to 14.

Phishing Domain Poses as Twitter Verification Site

A phishing site is targeting Twitter users who want to unofficially verify their Twitter account.

Introducing Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

Introducing Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit!

If you’re unsure about a shortened URL, always do some digging before clicking the link. You never know where it may take you.

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