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Android Features Used Maliciously

The majority of Android malware doesn’t need any special ‘magic’ to behave maliciously, they use existing functionality to attack users, functionality available to all developers.

Philippine Government Site Infected with Spam Code

Blackhat SEO spam code found on the Philippines’ Department of Agriculture’s website.

An email from Justin Bieber himself? Nope, just a 419 scam.

Popular aggregators CReAte Your Own Newspaper (CRAYON) being used to host questionable content, from links to free software to a myriad of others.

An urgent message from Facebook saying your account will be deleted? Or is it clickbait from scammers?

PUPS are Persistent

PUPs are sneakily bundling themselves with legitimate software.

Tumblr stalker spam is back in town, and ready to post to as many blogs as possible.

A Week in Security (Jul 13 – 19)

A summary of last week’s security news and happenings. compromised again

Our honeypot captured an attack coming from in what appears to have been malicious code injected in their server.

Spammers sink to a new low by posting multiple spam profiles to Freerice, a food donation website.

Origin is Giving Away Games and Coins — Not!

Origin scams are becoming more and more popular. The latest phish we’ve found lures interested gamers with hard-to-resist freebies.

You’ve won the Window Live Network Online Award Program! (Not really).

Britain’s Got Talent – and Twitter Spam

Spam bot takes over contestants of the popular television show Britain’s Got Talent’s Twitter feeds.

A Week in Security (Jul 6 – 12)

A week’s worth of security news from July 6 to 12.

Have Scammers Caught Up with Super 15, Too?

Interested in watching a live match of rugby in the Super 15? Be wary of these fake free streaming services online.

A cunning way to deliver malware

PUPs aka potentially unwanted programs continue to be a real nuisance.

A website claims to offer free Netflix accounts gives you PUPs instead of free movies.

A bit of company news…

Following a lot of hard work, I’m really happy to announce we have closed our first ever fundraising, with Highland Capital Partners.

“FIFA Survey Rewards” Mail in Circulation

Random emails claiming you’ve won something in the FIFA Survey Rewards? The only question here is if this will result in a Red or Yellow card.

A Week in Security (Jun 29 – Jul 5)

A week’s worth of security news for the first week of July.

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