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Researchers discover a new Android ransomware dubbed Koler. Here’s how to remove it from your Android device without having to pay the ransom.

Scam Virus Shield app top paid app in Play Store

An app claiming to be an antivirus solution climbed the charts as a top paid app in the Play Store. After a week of news regarding Android not attracting developers because they aren’t able to earn money, this app, Virus Shield was able to get thousands of purchases in a short amount of time — […]

Digital coin miners have secretly made their way into the Google Play Store.

Fake Tor app in the iOS App Store

Fake Tor Browser containing adware still up on iOS app store.

Malware found in Google Play Store

Two malware disguised as apps found in the Google Play Store.

Russian Trojan comes pre-installed

Malware discovered in fake pre-installed Netflix Android app.

Oops, slip of the tongue?

Android exec says if he had a company dedicated to malware, he too would attacks Android.

Compromised user accounts posted on Pastebin

Over 300,000 compromised accounts info including username, passwords and credit card numbers were shared on Pastebin last year.

One-ring Phone Scams on the Rise

The “one-ring” phone scammers are back at it again.

The Rise of Android Scarevertising

Android scareware, in the form of mobile advertising pop-ups alert to a potential infection on your device, are on the rise.

Vulnerability Discovered in Android’s VPN Connection

Researchers discover vulnerabilities in Android’s VPN which enables malware to redirect traffic to an unsecured network.

WhatsApp gets Rogue Download Page

The popular WhatsApp is the target of a rogue download site spreading malware to its victims.

iOS Banking Apps Fail to Inspire Confidence

How secure are the popular banking apps on your smartphone or tablet?

Vulnerability Found in Samsung’s Galaxy S4

Researchers discovered a vulnerability in the Samsung Galaxy S4. If exploited, all communications, including work email, are susceptible.

Google Axed Android’s App Ops

App Ops, a cool tool giving users the ability to deny apps access to SMS, contacts, etc, is dropped from Android, for now at least.

Android Pop-ups Warn of Infection

Alert! Your Android has a virus! Now download this shady Android antivirus app that doesn’t even find the supposed “virus”.

Android Bug Removes Lock Screen

Security company Curesec discovers a vulnerability in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean that disables the lock screen.

Wireless carriers reject a “kill switch” which allow victims to brick their stolen smartphones.

PIN Skimmer wants to know where you’re looking

Mobile devices have become targets for malware and researchers alike, the latest news is on how our devices can be exploited to capture PIN codes. Researchers Laurent Simon and Ross Anderson from the University of Cambridge have created an app, PIN Skimmer, using the camera and microphone to capture the codes.

Android Trojan gets an update

The Android Trojan Svpeng has some new functionality and is now capable of phishing and stealing banking information.

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