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Android Trojan gets an update

The Android Trojan Svpeng has some new functionality and is now capable of phishing and stealing banking information.

LinkedIn’s iOS app Intro raises eyebrows

Potential for security holes and concerns mount on LinkedIn newly introduced Intro iOS app.

Trojan looks to “Wrob” Android users

Android bank Trojans having been making their way around file sharing sites and alternative markets in the last few months as they look to replace legitimate banking apps and capture user data.

Credit card skimmers discovered at Florida Nordstrom

Hackers plant hardware keyloggers at a Florida Nordstrom department store to skim credit card numbers.

Bugs enjoying this season’s Apple harvest

With the news of features and fixes for Apple’s new iOS7, it’s easy for us to feel secure and let our guard down when using an iDevice. Well, not so fast.

Rogue iMessage Chat Client Found in Play Store

Google removed the app iMessage Chat for Android from the Play Store yesterday after discovering it’s not exactly what it claims to be.

Banking (Apps) on Google’s Android

Malware writers have been trying to make an impact on Android’s banking app for some time now. There have been a several families with some of the same gangs targeting PC’s also targeting mobile such like Zeus and SpyEye.

Obad Trojan found in fake Android Google Play Store

Hackers are getting good. Their new fake Android Google Play Store is difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

79 percent of mobile malware is directed at Android

The FBI reported 79 percent of all malware targeting mobile devices was directed at Android devices

End to Annoying Notification Bar Ads on Android?

Google has taken another step to eliminate annoying and aggressive ads that display in notification bar, create home screen or bookmark shortcuts.

Jekyll App Sneaks into Apple’s App Store

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered a way to circumvent Apple’s “walled gates” and get an app with malicious behaviors past Apple’s review process. Dubbed “Jekyll Apps”, these apps look benign on the surface but contain hidden code revealed at run-time.

Google Introduces Lost Phone Protection

What is your plan if your device is lost or stolen? On Android, we’ve had to rely on third party apps to locate our device, but there is good news if you’re looking for something from Google, who began rolling out Android Device Manager with Google Play Services.

Chrome’s Stored Passwords

An oddity in Google’s Chrome allows you to reveal stored passwords saved by the popular browser.

Last week, Google started rolling out an updated version of Jelly Bean, which has some new features. Some are covered here by our Josh Cannell. However, what’s most interesting to me are the updates to Google Play Services and how it could impact the Android ecosystem in a positive way. Google Play Services, an Android […]

Two popular VOIP apps, Tango and Viber, had their servers breached that compromised customer data and support sites. Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), SEA is a pro-Assad hacker group known for hacking Western websites, have claimed credit for the hack.

Tumblr Security Hole Reveals Passwords

iOS Tumblr users’ passwords were exposed after not being encrypted using SSL. Tumblr released an update for their iOS apps after the recently discovered security hole.

Recently our Josh Cannell wrote about a troubling vulnerability that could exist in 99 percent of Android devices where malware could bypass the Android security model. Well, we have some encouraging news, Google has released a patch to fix the security hole, the update has been release to OEM’s and partners. Gina Scigliano, Google’s Android […]

Skype for Android’s Lockscreen Issue

Pulser, a contributor on XDA-Developers forum, discovered a bug in Skype that allows an attacker to bypass the lock screen on your Android device. According to Pulser Skype has been notified and hopefully they have it resolved or will in the near future.

How Google is taking steps to keep their users safe and what security improvements on Android is helping to keep malware off your phone and tablet.

Keeping Secure in an Android World

Moving further into the mobile world, we often take security for granted. Keep yourself safe from malware with these tips.

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