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Malware Intelligence Analyst at Malwarebytes. Former Director of Research at FaceTime Security Labs and threat researcher at GFI Software.

Phishers Bypass Steam Guard Protection

Scammers have come up with a somewhat novel way to try and get around Steam Guard to steal your account.

A fake CNN account spams you with weight loss “news”

Apple ID Phish Goes Horribly Wrong

Sometimes scammers get it right and pull off extremely clever, subtle phish attacks. Other times it’s so wrong that you’re left scratching your head.

“Invitation to the Great Illuminati” Spam Mail

A mysterious email…of mystery!

XP Themed Downloads and Offers Doing the Rounds

We’re seeing numerous Youtube videos advertising programs and functionality related to Windows XP, which is interesting given it just rode off into the sunset. A relevant angle to start off with: security programs, because a little extra security on an XP box certainly won’t hurt these days: The above links lead to PUP executables (Potentially […]

This Origin Phish Isn’t Very Sporting

A fake EA Sports FIFA Twitter account hijacks your tweets conversations with the real @EASPORTSFIFA.

Fake Rihanna Tape Leads to Survey Scam

Login and fill out some never-ending surveys to view a fake Rihanna video.

A .Gov Media Player? Not Exactly…

Be mindful that even a .gov site can end up with content on them that shouldn’t be there. Pay close attention to those pop-ups.

When is a PDF not a PDF? When it’s a fake Facebook notification leading to malware.

PayPal “Unauthorized Credit Card Payment” Phish

New PayPal phishing scam tells users there’s an unauthorized payment attempt to lure victims for personal info.

SoundCloud Downloader: Always Read the EULA(s)

If you go looking for tunes with this SoundCloud downloader, you may be in need of a tune-up after.

Steer Clear of the Latest Twitter Spamrun

The latest Twitter spamrun asks users to “verify your account”.

Scammers are looking to make some money off the back of the disappearance of Flight MH370 via the usual social media channels.

Scammers pretending to be an assistant to a finance journalist asks victims to sign up for pre-paid credit cards.

Lots of malware scams asks you to switch off your anti-virus before running the executable. Including this fake Steam Guard one.

A Friday (Spam) Roundup

Rounding up all the big spam campaigns this week.

An “Important Flash Update”? Not Exactly…

A fake “important (Adobe) Flash update” prompt users with multiple pop-ups to update update update!

Digital Comics provider ComiXology sent password reset emails to all users following a breach.

A site claims that Mt. Gox are “returning all the lost Bitcoins” and you only have to install a Flash Player to view it.

A Friday Round-Up

Google Scraper Report, email scams and Dogecoin giveaways, oh my! The security week in review.

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