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Malware Intelligence Analyst at Malwarebytes. Former Director of Research at FaceTime Security Labs and threat researcher at GFI Software.

A Friday Round-Up

Google Scraper Report, email scams and Dogecoin giveaways, oh my! The security week in review.

WhatsApp Hack Promises Messages, Delivers PUPs

WhatsApp is currently a hot target for scammers wanting to infect PCs – but it isn’t just email spam you have to be wary of.

Phishing email try to trick Hotmail users into upgrading to, but the bad guys kind of messed up.

Emails are in circulation asking recipients to fill in a “PayPal survey” for a £25 reward.

Twitter Spamrun: “Isn’t This You?”

The latest Twitter spam run that asks you to verify your account.

Kindle Apps: Look Before You Leap

With school holidays in the UK slowly winding down (most likely with a cry of “Are they going back in yet” growing across the land), it’s quite possible mum or dad will be passing tablets or other mobile devices to their kids – especially with all that bad weather currently doing the rounds. I’ve noticed […]

No, Valve is NOT Collecting your Browsing History

A recent post to Reddit suggested Steam’s VAC anti-cheat system was collecting browsing history and sending it to Valve. You can rest easy.

A Facebook video showing bear attacks is not quite what it seems.

A profile viewer site wants you to install a Tumblr app to see who is checking out your profile. Should you do it? Or walk the other way?

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, but scams and malware sure aren’t.

Keeping your Steam Account Secure

Free game offers are the most common lure used by scammers to steal Steam and other gaming platform accounts.

Flappy Bird Downloads Lead To Surveys

The short-lived but absolutely massive game Flappy Bird started to inspire inevitable scams after having been taken offline. Don’t fall for them!

Going Phishing On A Facebook Apps Page

What is it? A Facebook Phish, lurking on an Apps page. Why is it a problem? Despite this scam method having been around since at least 2009, many Facebook users may not be aware that scammers can effectively “frame” a phish page hosted elsewhere against a genuine Facebook apps page URL. It may look like […]

Remember the email you sent about that job application? No, neither do we. What waits on the other side of that clickable link?

Search Engine Adverts: Download All The Things?

Paid ads in search engines can become rather controversial. A simple Steam download search popped up multiple false results.

Don’t Fall For Fake Browser Update Warnings

Fake browser update warnings? You’ll probably want to ignore those.

A Java Safe Full of PUPs

A site tells you that Java requires a free security update. Do you believe it? And what will you install on your system if you do?

Twitter Spam Rides Again: Keeping Your Account Safe

Check the security of your account as the latest wave of compromised Twitter accounts and spam are doing the rounds.

Fake Picasa Mails Lead to Viagra Spam Sites

Fake Google Picasa emails lead to pill spam sites.

No Man’s Sky Beta: Fake

Hello Games, creators of upcoming space adventure No Man’s Sky, sounded the alarm on a fake Beta website peddling survey scams.

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