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Josh performs analysis on the latest threats. He has over 5 years of experience working with US intel agencies where he analyzed malware through reverse engineering. Find him on Twitter @joshcannell

Misleading eBook Advertisements Install PUPs

Looking to download the latest eBooks? Just make sure you’re not downloading Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) instead.

Five PE Analysis Tools Worth Looking At

In the world of malware analysis, having the right tools can make all the difference. Fortunately, there are many to choose from.

Automating Malware Analysis with Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo Sandbox is a powerful tool used for rapid analysis of malicious files.

Beware of Fake UPS Exception E-mails

Fake UPS e-mails are circulating, contains Zeus Trojan

Sality Malware Now Features DNS Changer

The well-known Sality malware, now changing your DNS server.

“No War on Syria” Spam Used To Harvest Emails

Spammers use Syrian War petitions to their advantage.

Dubbed Pileup flaws, the new Android vulnerabilities could allow malware to “upgrade” its privileges simultaneously with a system upgrade.

Bitcoin Malware Found in Leaked Mt.Gox Files

Leaked Mt.Gox files: no valuable data, just malware

Cyber-criminals Use Cancer to Deliver Malware

Cyber-criminal messages instill fear of cancer.

Malware with Packer Deception Techniques

Find out how malware fools common file scanners.

Chameleon WiFi Virus Spreads Like a Cold

Chameleon WiFi virus silently infects access points.

WhatsApp Spam Campaign Leads to Malware

WhatsApp acquisition ignites spam campaign.

UMD Hacked, Over 300,000 Records Stolen

Hackers breach the University of Maryland. Over 300,000 records of students, faculty and more compromised.

Observing COM within Malicious Code

How malware leverages the Component Object Model

Using Good Code for Bad Things

See how malware takes good code and makes it bad.

How to Unpack a Self-Injecting Citadel Trojan

A ‘how-to’ guide on unveiling the Citadel Trojan’s code.

A Look at Malware with Virtual Machine Detection

What you can do against malware with Virtual Machine detection.

Process Explorer Now Including VirusTotal Support

The popular Process Explorer program from Sysinternals now includes VirusTotal support.

Neutrino Delivers Fake Flash Malware Hosted on SkyDrive

Neutrino delivers fake Flash Player that retrieves malware on SkyDrive.

Facebook Bug Bounty Program Pays Highest Reward to Date

Facebook awards a Brazilian Security Engineer for his working finding a potential RCE vulnerability.

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