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Revealed: POS Malware Used in Target Attack

Target POS malware used during holiday attack was a ram scraper known by Symantec as “Reedum”.

Taken down by the ‘DERP’

Hacker who goes by ‘DERP’ targets major video-game websites, disrupts many with DDoS attacks.

Target US Stores Suffer Massive Data Breach UPDATED

Target stores in the US suffer from data breach, millions of card numbers exposed.

Another Day, Another PUP

Reader beware: Codec Performer could silently install Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

Installers: Customizing Your “Needs”

Seemingly harmless, some installer programs may give you more than you asked for. InstalleRex from WebPick provides such an example.

Facebook Survey Scam Promotes Nicki Minaj Sextape

Researchers at CyberWarZone discovered new Facebook scam involving Nicki Minaj and a supposed sextape.

Saudi Hacker Compromises Undead Labs Forum

Saudi Hacker claims responsibility for the Undead Labs forum downtime.

Gmail Security Flaw Allows for Password Theft

A new vulnerability in Gmail allows for password theft of Google accounts. Found Serving Malware

In perhaps a bit of irony, the humor website was flagged by Google’s Safe Browsing Technology. is a website derived from the original “Cracked” magazine back in the 1950′s. The website was formed in 2007 and has been making people laugh ever since. At least until it started infecting computers.

New DoS Tool Discovered, Aimed at

As plenty of news coverage surrounding the technical difficulties on the Obamacare website continues, a new Denial of Service (DoS) tool has surfaced, designed to cause more disruptions. Researchers at Arbor Networks recently found the tool designed to perform attacks on the new healthcare website, found at

badBIOS: Jumping the Gap

Can malware infect the deepest parts of a computer, knows when you’re looking for it and communicates over high-frequency speaker sounds?

PHP Hack Redirects To Magnitude Exploit Kit

Google’s Safe Browsing system deemed the official PHP website,, malicious.

Using YARA to attribute malware

Malware researchers use a lot of tools in their arsenal to dissect malware. YARA can help to quickly and easily identify malware.

Cryptolocker Ransomware: What You Need To Know

Cryptolocker is a nasty ransomware that encrypts infected users’ personal files. Using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium will keep you safe.

Palestinian hackers deface popular Antivirus AVG, Avira and WhatsApp messaging websites.

U.S. Federal authorities arrested Ross William Ulbricht–the alleged leader behind the Silk Road criminal marketplace–in San Francisco yesterday.

New Solarbot Malware Debuts, Creator Publicly Advertising

A new botnet known publicly as “solarbot” has been making its rounds, according to a report from ESET. Image:ESET In their writeup, ESET analysts explain that solarbot(which they refer to as Win32/Napolar) is capable of: Denial of Service (DOS) attacks Behave as a SOCKS proxy server Stealing information from web forms

Microsoft releases fix for IE Zero-Day

Microsoft announced a new Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability yesterday. The zero-day’s target was very limited so far, but could be integrated into future exploit kits.

Firefox Android zero-day allows execution of malicious code

Exploit found on Android Firefox app that forces the mobile browser to download and execute a (possibly) malicious app. The exploit could also be leveraged by luring Firefox Android users with social engineering tricks.

‘SBC’ botnet to blame for Tor traffic surge?

Tor traffic has doubled in the month of August. Is a botnet to blame?

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