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Google to provide website protection services against Distributed Denial of Service attacks mitigation and other types of attacks aimed at blocking politically sensitive websites.

Windows XP’s retirement: Google takes a poke at it

We’ve known for a while now about Microsoft’s decision to retire the very popular Windows XP operating system next year, but here comes Google to XP users rescue?

Tech Support Scams: Coming to a Mac near you

When fake tech support come calling, the excuse of running a Mac typically elicits a hang up from the scammers. But it looks like that might not work anymore as they are ready to scam Mac users too.

A few hours ago, a tweet from Maarten Boone, a security researcher at Fox-IT, a Dutch security firm reports that Blackhole exploit kit author Paunch and partners were arrested in Russia.

Is John McAfee making a comeback in the security industry?

He certainly is eccentric, but software pioneer John McAfee could be making a comeback in the security field with the announcement of his new company Future Tense.

Click2Play exploit paired with CVE-2013-2460 guarantees the highest infection rates for anyone running Java 7 update 21 or earlier. But not if you have Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.

iOS7 and iPhone 5s in the news, but for the wrong reasons

Apple’s release of iOS7 and the new iPhones are making headlines all over this past week, but for the wrong reasons.

Uncovering an Android botnet involved in SMS fraud

Learn more about a SMS fraud network that is particularly active in Eastern Europe and involves trojanized apps luring users with the usual culprits: fake software updates and porn.

Apple announced today their brand new iPhone to the world. Meanwhile, the bad guys seem to be more interested in robbing Apple users than rejoicing about the big news of the iPhone 5S.

The NSA allegedly spent billions of dollars to crack encryption technologies and worked closely with tech companies to insert backdoors in their software.

The Murky Waters Of The Zero-Day Business

The business of Zero Days: what is it and how hackers are taking advantage of them.

Fake Browser Updates Going Rampant

This new trend of fake critical browser updates have been on the rise and it’s getting much more sneakier than when it was introduced.

Multi-pronged attack is not representative of what we normally see in the wild, but we found one and dissected it.

Facebook’s CEO gets hacked after programmer’s bug reports gets ignored.

A new fake Flash Player update appropriately named FlashPlayer11.safariextz was found. After being installed, it will begin to inject very rough advertisements on any website you visit.

A botnet comprised of nearly 25,000 infected computers is attacking login pages of WordPress and Joomla! by performing ‘brute-force attacks’.

This specific Firefox vulnerability is actually cross-platform. In fact, making the malicious code ‘work’ on all platforms is trivial as you only need to get rid of the checks looking for the Windows version.

An Exploit for Mozilla’s Firefox version 17 is making headlines, not simply because it is a zero-day but mainly because it appears to be part of a U.S. government program to uncover the identity of people using the Tor Browser to view child pornography.

Fake Pharma, Malware Target Pinterest

Pinterest has gained a lot of momentum and become one of the highest referral traffic sites for retailers. As such, it is not a big surprise that it is a popular choice for scammers and malware authors.

SMS Scams: How To Defend Yourself

Cyber-crooks are spamming through every avenue they can, hoping to lure their victims into revealing personal information or tricking them with scam SMS text messages.

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