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Senior Security Researcher at Malwarebytes. Incorrigible technophile who loves to break stuff. Habitually voids warranties on brand new stuff. Custom is the norm, never the exception.

Be Still My Bleeding Heart! Q&A on the HeartBleed Bug

A quick FAQ on what the Heartbleed bug is and how it affects you.

Open Source Laptop

A completely from scratch, hand built “hacker” laptop.

Growing Onions, TOR Usage Rising in Turkey.

Usage of TOR to circumvent state sponsored censorship is undergoing an explosive growth spurt in Turkey.

Mt. Gox Lost and Found

Lost Mt. Gox Bitcoins found.

CanSecWest: Day 2 Recap

CanSecWest Day 2 recap

Alleged Bitcoin Creator Gets a Free Lunch

Newsweek reporter supposedly found the elusive creator of the famous crypto currency Bitcoin, but did she go overboard in trying to find him?

UART, Root Shell On Commercial Devices

Using UART to find potential vulnerabilities or undiscovered functionality in devices.

Tesla hires renowned security researcher Kristin Paget

Tesla Motors revs up its cars’ security by addressing the potential security risks of their cars early in the game.

Leaked document claims the CSEC used the free Wi-Fi networks at a major Canadian airport to track travelers. Here’s some handy travel tips.

DissidentX a Steganography Tool From Bittorrent Creator

Author of BitTorrent protocol develops new steganographic tool called DissidentX.

Life is a breach, and then you’re pwned

The recent high-profile data breaches are a problem. But there’s a service that let’s you know if your email address was part of a data breach.

Paunch Pinch Confirmed

Russian authorities have arrested and prosecuted 13 people, including “Paunch”, who were responsible for the Blackhole exploit kit.

Snoopy LG, smart TV spies on you.

A blogger reported his LG smart TV spying on him, under the guise of better targeted advertising shown on the dashboard of his LG smart TV.

Sourceforge Drives off Downloads, Ask why

Are we are starting to see the beginning of an exodus away from SourceForge as a hosting solution for software projects? Sourceforge is “a web-based source code repository. It acts as a centralized location for software developers to control and manage free and open source software development.”  as per their wiki. It has been a staple of many […]

Hacked and Unpacked: The Piratebox

Build your own Piratebox, a small portable Wi-Fi access point modified with a custom firmware.

Money Mules, If it looks too good to be true…

In the past, cyber criminals tried to transfer money directly out of the victim’s bank account and into a one that they controlled. Now, the preferred method is the money mule.

Tango Down, Softango

We have been hearing complaints that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware comes with a bunch of useless stuff. For the sake of thoroughness, I inquired if we had any “bundling” offers. The email reply I received consisted of one word: NEVER. Let me explain, bundles are an amalgamation of programs usually riding the coattails of one more desirable […]

Adobe compromised, announces breach

Looks like Adobe, makers of products as Photoshop and Adobe Reader, has suffered a major compromise.

Lock-Unlock, Biometric adventures, part 2

A follow-up on the updated SignWave Unlock Free by Battelle for Leap Motion on Windows and the new Mac version.

GPS Tracking on the Cheap Part Two

The Tile, a small tag that can send GPS signals to your phone to inform you where your lost keys are, might be too big and expensive to use as a full-fledged tracker, but in comes the I’m Here.

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