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A Week in Security (Jul 20 – 26)

A week’s worth of security news from July 20 to 26.

Philippine Government Site Infected with Spam Code

An online security repository of bad links has recently flagged the official website of the Department of Agriculture (Kagawaran ng Pagsasaka), which is owned and maintained by the Philippine government, as harbouring malware. We have determined that six pages, including the default page, have been injected with a Blackhat SEO spam code.

Popular aggregators CReAte Your Own Newspaper (CRAYON) being used to host questionable content, from links to free software to a myriad of others.

Origin is Giving Away Games and Coins — Not!

Origin scams are becoming more and more popular. The latest phish we’ve found lures interested gamers with hard-to-resist freebies.

A Week in Security (Jul 6 – 12)

A week’s worth of security news from July 6 to 12.

Have Scammers Caught Up with Super 15, Too?

Interested in watching a live match of rugby in the Super 15? Be wary of these fake free streaming services online.

A Week in Security (Jun 29 – Jul 5)

A week’s worth of security news for the first week of July.

Steam Account Phishers Caught Squatting

Scammers continue to target Steam users, this time using a type of online threat called typosquatting.

A Week in Security (Jun 22 – 28)

A weeks’ worth of security news for the last week of June.

Scammers offer a fake way to hack others’ Facebook account.

Advisory: Seasonal Scam Returns

Fake websites ready to pounce on unwary internet users in search of the latest summer diet craze or fitness regimens of their favourite celebrities.

A Week in Security (Jun 15 – 21)

In case you missed it, here’s the top security news for June 15 to 21.

A new Dropbox phish which is after credentials of a number of email services discovered.

Latest survey scam on Facebook leads users with a purported clip of a man eaten by a huge snake.

A Week in Security (Jun 8 – 14)

A weeks’ worth of security news for the week of June 8 to 14.

Phishing Domain Poses as Twitter Verification Site

A phishing site is targeting Twitter users who want to unofficially verify their Twitter account.

Twitter’s Bane: Bad Bots

Other than malware and phishing campaigns, bots (or in this case, socialbots) are another reason why Twitter users shouldn’t let their guard down.

A Week in Security (Jun 1 – 7)

In case you missed it, the top security news for the first week of June.

Survey Scammers Bait Users with FIFA Coins

Websites claiming to generate FIFA 14 coins for you after you fill out some quick surveys.

A Week in Security (May 25 – 31)

In case you missed it, the top security news for the last week of May.

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