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Avoid This Fake MH17 Missile Video Page

Another fake Malaysian Airlines disaster page with claims of non-existent missile video footage.

Fake private videos get you to click and download shady programs.

Fraudsters are luring Facebook users to act on re-enabling your account by buying Facebook Credits.

Justin Bieber themed 419 Mails are Heartbreakers

An email from Justin Bieber himself? Nope, just a 419 scam.

Fake Facebook Mails Lead to Pharma Spam

An urgent message from Facebook saying your account will be deleted? Or is it clickbait from scammers?

Spammy Tumblr Apps and Stalker Hunting

Tumblr stalker spam is back in town, and ready to post to as many blogs as possible.

Spammers Rice to the Occasion

Spammers sink to a new low by posting multiple spam profiles to Freerice, a food donation website.

Origin is Giving Away Games and Coins — Not!

Origin scams are becoming more and more popular. The latest phish we’ve found lures interested gamers with hard-to-resist freebies.

You’ve won the Window Live Network Online Award Program! (Not really).

Britain’s Got Talent – and Twitter Spam

Spam bot takes over contestants of the popular television show Britain’s Got Talent’s Twitter feeds.

Have Scammers Caught Up with Super 15, Too?

Interested in watching a live match of rugby in the Super 15? Be wary of these fake free streaming services online.

Heroes of the Storm Beta Keygen: A Wizard Did It

Websites are hoping to make a little cash out of you with the promise of fictitious freebies like free Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm beta keys.

Chain letters never end well – especially when they’re from 2005.

Misleading eBook Advertisements Install PUPs

Looking to download the latest eBooks? Just make sure you’re not downloading Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) instead.

Steam Account Phishers Caught Squatting

Scammers continue to target Steam users, this time using a type of online threat called typosquatting.

Poste Italiane Phishing Mails In Circulation

Poste Italiane scam mails are doing the rounds, with a very phishy attachment included for good measure.

Scammers offer a fake way to hack others’ Facebook account.

Scammers are trying to spread a fake a viral video on Facebook proclaimed actor Tracy Morgan is dead.

Phishy Steam Guard File Steals SSFN

Phishers are now automating how they get around Steam Guard protection on Steam gaming accounts.

Advisory: Seasonal Scam Returns

Fake websites ready to pounce on unwary internet users in search of the latest summer diet craze or fitness regimens of their favourite celebrities.

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