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Press H To Hack: Hacking in Videogames

With the release of Watch Dogs, we ponder the reality of a CCTV World and look at some of the best and worst examples of hacking in video games.

UMD Hacked, Over 300,000 Records Stolen

Hackers breach the University of Maryland. Over 300,000 records of students, faculty and more compromised.

Taken down by the ‘DERP’

Hacker who goes by ‘DERP’ targets major video-game websites, disrupts many with DDoS attacks.

Saudi Hacker Compromises Undead Labs Forum

Saudi Hacker claims responsibility for the Undead Labs forum downtime.

Hackers tampered with the popular forum software vBulletin and access customers data, like passwords. Rumours of zero day within the vBulletin software emerges.

Google to provide website protection services against Distributed Denial of Service attacks mitigation and other types of attacks aimed at blocking politically sensitive websites.

Credit card skimmers discovered at Florida Nordstrom

Hackers plant hardware keyloggers at a Florida Nordstrom department store to skim credit card numbers.

Palestinian hackers deface popular Antivirus AVG, Avira and WhatsApp messaging websites.

Adobe compromised, announces breach

Looks like Adobe, makers of products as Photoshop and Adobe Reader, has suffered a major compromise.

GPS Tracking on the Cheap Part Two

The Tile, a small tag that can send GPS signals to your phone to inform you where your lost keys are, might be too big and expensive to use as a full-fledged tracker, but in comes the I’m Here.

‘SBC’ botnet to blame for Tor traffic surge?

Tor traffic has doubled in the month of August. Is a botnet to blame?

The SEA was at it again on Monday when they attempted to gain sympathy from members of the U.S. Marine Corps. How did they do it? By hacking of course!

New York Times Hackers: ‘Gone Phishing’

The Syrian Electronic Army has gotten a lot of publicity lately, taking an interest in hacking American media outlets. They attacked the New York Times this week.

League of Legends Hacked, Credit Card Info Stolen

League of Legends developer Riot Games said their North American customers would require a password reset due to a yesterday’s security breach. The developer claims to be working on new security features to include e-mail and two-factor authentication.

Prison Door Glitch or Open Sesame Hack?

In a scene straight out of a movie, a Florida prison suffered what they are presently calling a “computer glitch.”

Alleged Hacker Blackmails Miss Teen USA

News reports of 19-year-old Cassidy Wolf receiving emails from an alleged hacker attempting to extort her serves as a reminder that webcams need to be secured too.

More on Subverting Automotive Computing Systems

A deeper look into vehicle “hacking” and how they can endanger the life of the operator and occupants.

As motor vehicles advance technologically, they incorporate more and more computers, hacking cars isn’t all that far fetched.

Two popular VOIP apps, Tango and Viber, had their servers breached that compromised customer data and support sites. Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), SEA is a pro-Assad hacker group known for hacking Western websites, have claimed credit for the hack.

Vulnerability Bounty Hunting In Action

Last week, security researcher Roy Castillo posted a recount of interactions with Facebook about a bug that he had found. Will bug bounty hunting become the norm?

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