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A Penguin in XP’s Clothing

Got an aging computer? Still on Windows XP? No problem. Here’s an alternative that still allows you to keep that lovable XP theme.

XP Themed Downloads and Offers Doing the Rounds

We’re seeing numerous Youtube videos advertising programs and functionality related to Windows XP, which is interesting given it just rode off into the sunset. A relevant angle to start off with: security programs, because a little extra security on an XP box certainly won’t hurt these days: The above links lead to PUP executables (Potentially […]

This Origin Phish Isn’t Very Sporting

A fake EA Sports FIFA Twitter account hijacks your tweets conversations with the real @EASPORTSFIFA.

A quick FAQ on what the Heartbleed bug is and how it affects you.

Beware of Fake UPS Exception E-mails

Fake UPS e-mails are circulating, contains Zeus Trojan

Sality Malware Now Features DNS Changer

The well-known Sality malware, now changing your DNS server.

Be mindful that even a .gov site can end up with content on them that shouldn’t be there. Pay close attention to those pop-ups.

SoundCloud Downloader: Always Read the EULA(s)

If you go looking for tunes with this SoundCloud downloader, you may be in need of a tune-up after.

A Friday (Spam) Roundup

Rounding up all the big spam campaigns this week.

Chameleon WiFi Virus Spreads Like a Cold

Chameleon WiFi virus silently infects access points.

A fake “important (Adobe) Flash update” prompt users with multiple pop-ups to update update update!

Bitcoin Trouble on the Open Express

Why is everyone attacking Bitcoin users?

A Friday Round-Up

Google Scraper Report, email scams and Dogecoin giveaways, oh my! The security week in review.

A security flaw affecting certain versions of iOS and OS X devices lets others eavesdrop on all your HTTPS encrypted traffic.

GFI Releases Report on 2013 Vulnerabilities

GFI labs released a report today on the most vulnerable applications and operating systems of 2013.

Remember the email you sent about that job application? No, neither do we. What waits on the other side of that clickable link?

Search Engine Adverts: Download All The Things?

Paid ads in search engines can become rather controversial. A simple Steam download search popped up multiple false results.

Neutrino Delivers Fake Flash Malware Hosted on SkyDrive

Neutrino delivers fake Flash Player that retrieves malware on SkyDrive.

Facebook Bug Bounty Program Pays Highest Reward to Date

Facebook awards a Brazilian Security Engineer for his working finding a potential RCE vulnerability.

DissidentX a Steganography Tool From Bittorrent Creator

Author of BitTorrent protocol develops new steganographic tool called DissidentX.

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