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To view the World Cup games, you have to fill out a survey? Probably not where you want to be streaming from anyways.

Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System

Tails, a Live CD Linux distribution geared towards preserving privacy, anonymity and circumventing censorship.

eBay Giftcard Spam Mails in Circulation

From the spam traps, a mail landing unannounced in a mailbox near you: It reads: * * * * * * * * * * * * * Your $25 EBay Gift-Card * * * * * * * * * * * * * —————————————————————————– * * * * * * * * * […]

“The Smart Girl’s Guide To Privacy”— A Review

It’s World Book Day. And what better way to celebrate then to review a book about online privacy and how to keep your private info private.

Growing Onions, TOR Usage Rising in Turkey.

Usage of TOR to circumvent state sponsored censorship is undergoing an explosive growth spurt in Turkey.

Spammers use Syrian War petitions to their advantage.

Alleged Bitcoin Creator Gets a Free Lunch

Newsweek reporter supposedly found the elusive creator of the famous crypto currency Bitcoin, but did she go overboard in trying to find him?

Digital Comics provider ComiXology sent password reset emails to all users following a breach.

Compromised user accounts posted on Pastebin

Over 300,000 compromised accounts info including username, passwords and credit card numbers were shared on Pastebin last year.

No, Valve is NOT Collecting your Browsing History

A recent post to Reddit suggested Steam’s VAC anti-cheat system was collecting browsing history and sending it to Valve. You can rest easy.

Leaked document claims the CSEC used the free Wi-Fi networks at a major Canadian airport to track travelers. Here’s some handy travel tips.

Another Day, Another PUP

Reader beware: Codec Performer could silently install Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

Temporary Tech? Permanent Fail

If you’re given a piece of tech to use temporarily, it’s a good idea to follow some basic precautions – and remember to log out!

Chrome’s Solution to the Unsavvy Poses A Potential Risk

Is Google Chrome’s attempts at making it “easier” for users to find where they want to go, show that their security purview isn’t focused enough on the internal threats?

Why you shouldn’t connect to just any access point

The convenience of connecting to a free WiFi hotspot holds unknown dangers such as connecting to a rogue access point where all your info can be accessed by a third party.

Encryption: types of secure communication and storage

Security is, or should be, a major concern on the internet, learn how encryption keeps your sensitive info safe.

Some businesses are already banning Google Glass on their premises, and people are voicing concerns over their privacy, as they have recording capabilities. But what other potential dangers are out there?

League of Legends Hacked, Credit Card Info Stolen

League of Legends developer Riot Games said their North American customers would require a password reset due to a yesterday’s security breach. The developer claims to be working on new security features to include e-mail and two-factor authentication.

How to encrypt files and folders

Encrypting files and folders is a way to protect them from unwanted access. Although modern Windows versions do have built-in options to store files in an encrypted format on your hard disk, you may be looking for another option.

Tumblr Security Hole Reveals Passwords

iOS Tumblr users’ passwords were exposed after not being encrypted using SSL. Tumblr released an update for their iOS apps after the recently discovered security hole.

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