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Twitter’s Bane: Bad Bots

Other than malware and phishing campaigns, bots (or in this case, socialbots) are another reason why Twitter users shouldn’t let their guard down.

Steer Clear of the Latest Twitter Spamrun

The latest Twitter spamrun asks users to “verify your account”.

Twitter Spamrun: “Isn’t This You?”

The latest Twitter spam run that asks you to verify your account.

Esurance Giveaway Brings Out The Worst In Scammers

Careful who you follow. Esurance contest brings offers a chance to win as well as a chance to be scammed.

Fake Pharma, Malware Target Pinterest

Pinterest has gained a lot of momentum and become one of the highest referral traffic sites for retailers. As such, it is not a big surprise that it is a popular choice for scammers and malware authors.

Whether you’re new to surfing the Internet or an old hand, we all know the importance of keeping our systems and software updated to avoid becoming a victim of exploits, malware and other cyber threats. Exploits in particular is one area that are being targeted heavily by criminals and privacy invaders with more and more popups and/or warning screens that hit our web browsers.

Scammers use psychological manipulation to defraud their victims. Learn how to better protect yourself and avoid scams — even ones you’ve never heard of.

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