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Flappy Bird Downloads Lead To Surveys

Poor old Flappy Bird, YOU WERE GONE TOO SOON.

However, he’s back! Sort of.

Actually, he isn’t back at all because fresh out of the starting blocks (and falling in along with some Trojanized mobile apps) we have a couple of suspiciously spammy posts made to IMVU. As you’ll notice, they really like saying “Flappy Bird”:

Flappy Spam

More flappy bird

“Flappy Bird download free for iOS and Android

Flappy Bird download free for iOS and Android. Flappy bird has become one of the most popular mobile games. In our previous posts we mentioned about this insanely popular new game – Flappy Bird”

Both posts claim that everybody’s favourite five-minute wonder has returned, in the form of downloadable Android / iOS / everything else apps.

This would be a good thing as far as Flappy Bird fans are concerned due to the title having been pulled by the creator after endless pressure, death threats and the worry of where to stash all that money he must have made by this point.

Clicking the link takes you to that perennial favourite of those with little to offer and everything to gain: a bunch of surveys.

Flappy Survey

In the above testing, each clickable option took us to mobile-centric sign up pages, where links typically required some form of mobile number sign up and / or payment to process. As much as I like our little flapping pal I made my excuses and left.

At time of writing, the links page above has been “disabled” and all of the offers redirect to blank pages. Flappy Bird may fly no more, but neither will this survey scam.

Christopher Boyd

One thought on “Flappy Bird Downloads Lead To Surveys

  1. lindasview says on February 11, 2014 at 9:59 am :

    Warning: As of today, February 11. 2014 “Flappy Bird” has been taken out of IOS and Google App Stores. A media report in the “Boston Globe” today,B6 “Creator kills a widely popular game”. According to the report out of Hanoi, Nguyen Ha Dong, quoted Dong on Twitter as saying “the sensation of the game ‘ruins my simple life’. He said it was making $50,000 a day in ad revenue and allegedly, since it went to Apple’s Play Store, it had been downloaded from that one app carrier 50 million times, but the truth in that has also led to controversy. Anyhow, it’s been pulled so look out for scam artist’s saying you can still download it. Just an FYI!

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