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“The Rock is Dead” Fast & Furious 7 Scam In Circulation

Dwayne Johnson РAKA The Rock Рis currently being targeted by a rather grim Facebook scam doing the rounds, originating from



“R. I. P. DWAYNE JOHNSON (1972 – 2014). He died filming a dangerous stunt for FAST & FURIOUS 7″

Spoilers: no, he didn’t. As with all of these scams, users are asked to share on Facebook. This one tries a different tack with regards directing them to the eventual surveys, sending them to a second page with a prominent pop-up box:

Media Plugin...

“Facebook Media Plugin Required: download and install the plugin to watch the video”

In testing, clicking the link took us to a PUP (potentially unwanted program) iLivid install which users of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will find we detect as PUP.Optional.Bandoo (VirusTotal 7 / 51).

Of course, Fast & Furious 7 has experienced a rather tragic end for one of the stars of the film but that was away from the movie; The Rock hasn’t experienced any such disaster and users of Facebook should resist the temptation to share / click / install / everything else where claims of The Rock meeting a grisly demise are concerned.

Christopher Boyd

One thought on ““The Rock is Dead” Fast & Furious 7 Scam In Circulation

  1. Debra Gerik says on April 25, 2014 at 6:30 pm :

    We need to make some type of regulation that no one can take all these add-ons onto downloads of legitimate software unless they make them noticeable as alternate software without having to read the small print. Someone somewhere should be able to come up with a bot that detects these predators at the source. As advanced as this technology is there has got to be something more we can do than we are now. I am not slandering all of you diligent hard workers out there who are protecting us. Without you and all like you no one would be able to use the internet for anything. I wish I had your brains.

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