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Chain letters never end well – especially when they’re from 2005.

The big red click to play button on this fake video page downloads an exe instead of playing a “viral” video.

Misleading eBook Advertisements Install PUPs

Looking to download the latest eBooks? Just make sure you’re not downloading Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) instead.

Steam Account Phishers Caught Squatting

Scammers continue to target Steam users, this time using a type of online threat called typosquatting.

To view the World Cup games, you have to fill out a survey? Probably not where you want to be streaming from anyways.

A Week in Security (Jun 22 – 28)

A weeks’ worth of security news for the last week of June.

Poste Italiane Phishing Mails In Circulation

Poste Italiane scam mails are doing the rounds, with a very phishy attachment included for good measure.

Scammers offer a fake way to hack others’ Facebook account.

A look at a double-dipping advertising network

A malvertising campaign employing stealthy methods of infection ‘double dips’ to make a profit and exploit their victims.

“Tracy Morgan Is Dead” Fake Video in Circulation

Scammers are trying to spread a fake a viral video on Facebook proclaimed actor Tracy Morgan is dead.

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