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Cryptolocker Ransomware: What You Need To Know

Cryptolocker is a nasty ransomware that encrypts infected users’ personal files. Using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium will keep you safe.

In computers, are random numbers really random?

Computers do not work easily with truly random numbers and it pays off to understand how pseudo-random numbers are used and created.

The NSA allegedly spent billions of dollars to crack encryption technologies and worked closely with tech companies to insert backdoors in their software.

How to encrypt files and folders

Encrypting files and folders is a way to protect them from unwanted access. Although modern Windows versions do have built-in options to store files in an encrypted format on your hard disk, you may be looking for another option.

How to encrypt your email

Given recent worries about data-leaks and other privacy issues, it might be handy to have some tools to make it harder for third parties to unravel your data. One such method is encryption.

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