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Lock-Unlock, Biometric adventures, part 2

A follow-up on the updated SignWave Unlock Free by Battelle for Leap Motion on Windows and the new Mac version.

Why you shouldn’t connect to just any access point

The convenience of connecting to a free WiFi hotspot holds unknown dangers such as connecting to a rogue access point where all your info can be accessed by a third party.

The SEA was at it again on Monday when they attempted to gain sympathy from members of the U.S. Marine Corps. How did they do it? By hacking of course!

New York Times Hackers: ‘Gone Phishing’

The Syrian Electronic Army has gotten a lot of publicity lately, taking an interest in hacking American media outlets. They attacked the New York Times this week.

League of Legends Hacked, Credit Card Info Stolen

League of Legends developer Riot Games said their North American customers would require a password reset due to a yesterday’s security breach. The developer claims to be working on new security features to include e-mail and two-factor authentication.

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