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A Java Safe Full of PUPs

A site tells you that Java requires a free security update. Do you believe it? And what will you install on your system if you do?

Musical Bitcoin Bubbles Serve Java Applets, Malware

When you sell a popular domain to anonymous buyers, Malware can be the end result for years to come.

Fake VPN Site Serves Up Keylogger

A site claiming to offer VPN services could potentially result in keyloggers being placed on the PC.

Multi-pronged attack is not representative of what we normally see in the wild, but we found one and dissected it.

Redkit Exploit Kit does the splits

Exploit Kit authors must really love Java . Not only is it ripe with vulnerabilities but its own language provides a great platform to write and deliver malware in different ways. We are used to seeing encrypted payloads (XOR, AES encryption), applets containing both the exploit itself and the binary payload. Today we will talk […]

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