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Prepare … for Unpacked 2.0

The new and improved Malwarebytes Unpacked is here! Thank you to all our readers for giving us a little bit of their time for the sake of security.

World’s first Bitcoin ATM comes to Canada

Bitcoin, the famous digital currency which has sparked much controversy over the years, is now heading to an ATM near you. The world’s first Bitcoin ATM is set to open today in Vancouver.

Tango Down, Softango

We have been hearing complaints that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware comes with a bunch of useless stuff. For the sake of thoroughness, I inquired if we had any “bundling” offers. The email reply I received consisted of one word: NEVER. Let me explain, bundles are an amalgamation of programs usually riding the coattails of one more desirable […]

Why you shouldn’t connect to just any access point

The convenience of connecting to a free WiFi hotspot holds unknown dangers such as connecting to a rogue access point where all your info can be accessed by a third party.

Apple announced today their brand new iPhone to the world. Meanwhile, the bad guys seem to be more interested in robbing Apple users than rejoicing about the big news of the iPhone 5S.

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