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Philippine Government Site Infected with Spam Code

An online security repository of bad links has recently flagged the official website of the Department of Agriculture (Kagawaran ng Pagsasaka), which is owned and maintained by the Philippine government, as harbouring malware. We have determined that six pages, including the default page, have been injected with a Blackhat SEO spam code.

An email from Justin Bieber himself? Nope, just a 419 scam.

Popular aggregators CReAte Your Own Newspaper (CRAYON) being used to host questionable content, from links to free software to a myriad of others.

An urgent message from Facebook saying your account will be deleted? Or is it clickbait from scammers?

Spammy Tumblr Apps and Stalker Hunting

Tumblr stalker spam is back in town, and ready to post to as many blogs as possible.

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