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Vulnerabilities Away, it’s Patch Tuesday!

With all the talk about backdoor encryption, phishing attacks and privacy, I think it’s a good time to mention that today is Patch Tuesday! That means that Microsoft is releasing a lot of critical updates to their software today; updates that deal with some of the concerns of the day.

League of Legends Hacked, Credit Card Info Stolen

League of Legends developer Riot Games said their North American customers would require a password reset due to a yesterday’s security breach. The developer claims to be working on new security features to include e-mail and two-factor authentication.

The Malware Archives: MS Office Files

A deeper look at Microsoft Office malware infections.

Last week, Google started rolling out an updated version of Jelly Bean, which has some new features. Some are covered here by our Josh Cannell. However, what’s most interesting to me are the updates to Google Play Services and how it could impact the Android ecosystem in a positive way. Google Play Services, an Android […]

Recently our Josh Cannell wrote about a troubling vulnerability that could exist in 99 percent of Android devices where malware could bypass the Android security model. Well, we have some encouraging news, Google has released a patch to fix the security hole, the update has been release to OEM’s and partners. Gina Scigliano, Google’s Android […]

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