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Tech Brief: An inside view of a zero-day campaign

April 21, 2015 | BY

Discovering a new vulnerability in a popular piece of software is the Holy Grail for cybercriminals. The period between this vulnerability being weaponized into an exploit and becoming public knowledge poses a huge security risk to consumers and businesses. During this time, a completely open window of attack exists because even fully patched systems are affected. This is a zero-day.

Booby-trapped Hugo Boss Advert Spreads Cryptowall Ransomware

April 13, 2015 | BY

Malicious advertising attacks (malvertising) have been plaguing mainstream sites and their visitors a lot these past few years. While some are easy to spot and get rid of, others tend to be much more sophisticated and hard to shine light on. This past Saturday, we discovered a malicious advert that was displayed on and that was used to deliver the Cryptowall ransomware via a Flash exploit.

What is malvertising?

February 24, 2015 | BY

We’re on a bit of an educational push here at Malwarebytes with the aim of helping Internet users become a bit more aware of the latest tricks that criminals are using to catch you out. Hopefully, this means you will be a bit safer online.

Today’s post takes a closer look at ‘malvertising’.

PUPs and Java Removal Tools, Oh My

November 20, 2014 | BY

When it comes to online threats, these days website ads could be considered a grey area. For the majority of site owners providing free services or content, they’re good to have because they generate revenue from visits and clicks. For normal site visitors, they (we) have learned to gloss over the ads at best. Regardless […]

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