DotA 2 Phishing Page Offers Up Treasure Keys and Rare Items

June 16, 2014 | BY

Fans of DotA 2, the most popular game on the Steam platform with up to 700,000 concurrent players, should be wary of the following URL:


Reported on the Steam forums a few days ago in a number of threads, this site claims to offer up a “Steam Online Reward” in the form of keys and Arcana (rare item drops).

Steam Online Reward

Curiously, they also want your Yahoo login along with your username and password. Should you enter your details, a screen will state that they’ll be getting back to you.

We'll be right back...

I think there’s more chance of me remembering what DotA actually stands for than anybody being sent some freebie items (Dawn Defense of the Ancients, which I’m sure I’ll forget again in about 10 minutes time.)

Edit: As you can see from the strikethrough, it wasn’t even 10 minutes.

With so many users, DotA is rich pickings for anybody wanting to do some account harvesting. If scammers don’t want your account, they’ll almost certainly want to try and scam some valuable in-game items via the trading screen instead.

Brush up on some Steam account security tips and always think twice before jumping on the tempting offer of the week bandwagon.

More often than not, the wheels are bound to come off…

Christopher Boyd

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  • cristine

    hii to all players cant open my 1 accnt and my items can see only one item isee this accnt plss give me item to all players love u ty

  • cristine

    You will receive $5 for this offer(s) (If this trade will be accepted, log out your steam account so that your steam will automatically update and the $5 will top up to your account.) (?)
    i get this msg..staem offer cant wallet offer?

    and plss add me this my id nmber 198069966 plss

  • cristine

    Any game you’ve purchased from the store as a gift, or received as an Extra Copy, can be traded to other users 30 days after their original purchase. They can be used to trade for other Gifts, or for items in games supporting Steam Trading. If you would like to purchase a gift and save it in your Inventory or use it in a Steam trade at a later time, please choose ‘Store the gift in my inventory to send later’ when checking out. and my 1 accnt just the bagg accnt my item can be see and plsss help me plss give me item ???