Avoid This Fake MH17 Missile Video Page

August 1, 2014 | BY

Just a short heads up to say that there’s another fake Malaysian Airlines disaster page to add to the growing collection, located at


and is looking to exploit the MH17 tragedy with claims of non-existent missile video footage.

Fake missile video

Clicking the supposed clip and performing the “Share this video on Facebook to watch it” steps took us to various Potentially Unwanted Program installs.


These types of incredibly distasteful scam pages will be with us for a while yet. Don’t fall for it…

Christopher Boyd

  • scratchmb

    The internet is better known as Planet Gullible. There are so many scams and urban myths out there, and so many people buy into them hook, line and sinker. I work hard to point out to people I know when they post such bizarre material on their timeline on Facebook to remove such things and all I get is criticism from their minions. Of course this doesn’t bother me, in fact it amuses me and proves my point even further how truly gullible people can be.
    What I have done, is I have a special stripped down laptop, that is void of a good deal of Windows 7 OS, and does not have any programs on it except anti threat software. Otherwise, I intentionally go looking for viruses, malware, adware, and other nasty things and practice dismantling them myself manually. I almost have the registry of that computer committed to memory so, it is easy to detect any thing that does not belong there. Same thing with my System 32 files, my drive files, and most of the .msi files.
    You might wonder why I bother. Well, let’s just call it a hobby. I really don’t do it for any other reason. For me, it’s an exercise in concentration and discipline. Sort of the old fictional man against the machine in the Paul Bunyan story, It is man against the software, and this time it is not fictional. It is time consuming. But I still depend on commercial software on my main pinnacle computers that I use for everything else. I only use the special unit to check out suspect material.

  • bob

    I really hate chain mail

  • scratchmb

    Chain mail is a great scam because they don’t have to put any malicious tidbits into them. They work just as efficient as a pyramid scheme, because the originator can gather up the email addresses as the contact list keeps building and sell that list off to third party advertisers and/or creators of malicious emails. Avoid chain emails at all costs. Do not reply from that email to the person who sent it if it is a personal friend or acquaintance. Send them a completely separate email explaining the exact reason as I have explained why not to be involved in chain mail. The ones that claim something magic will happen when so many people have completed the chain, are completely false, and possibly do have a hidden time release viral bomb. So, if you have stored that email in a file, remove it.

  • arizona

    i applaud your efforts mate….keep up the good work.

  • scratchmb

    Cheers. I’ve retired, most people take the jaded attitude that, “Oh, an old guy, he doesn’t know anything, and can’t possibly on the cutting edge of technology or modern techniques.” That is an invalid theory. Who do they think created this technology in the first place? I am one of those pioneers, and even though my career went in a different direction, I have always kept my finger on the pulse of what’s going on. Information, education, and knowledge never ceases, and it is only a fool to rest on one’s laurels and say, I have accomplished that, and no longer need to do anything else.” Retirement has given me more freedom to gather more knowledge and put into practice. I know I will never make the internet a safe environment. For that to happen, we would have to sacrifice all of our freedoms that we so highly demand. What I can do is teach others how to better defend themselves and I can also nail down a few perpetrators a long the way. No, I am not or ever was an administrator of the law, but that works to my advantage, because I can not be accused of entrapment. A lot of these confidential artists and scam operators are not that all that clever. Greed is their primary drive, with the exception of willful trouble makers that cause havoc just for the pure adrenaline rush from successful mischief. Those people I leave in the good hands of the software companies such as Malwarebytes. My objective is to go after the ones who wish to exploit for monetary gains. I don’t care about the ones who download sub quality movies and music for their personal use. Frankly most of them watch or listen once, then if they like it, will go out and purchase hard copy. The industry is not really suffering from that activity. In fact, online sales of both music and films have increased ten fold, but they still seem to report only funding made on initial release, and rentals in the case of movies. The real crimes are theft of personal identity and online pickpocket scams, where the perpetrator convinces the victim with a story of either hard luck, romance, or both.

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