Malwarebytes AV Compatibility Report

August 13, 2013 | BY

A rule of thumb for antivirus users has always been that you do not run two AVs at the same time, because they could potentially interfere with each other’s operations. Many of our users have thought the same way about Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, though this is not the case.

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Double Protection using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware protects you from all sorts of hazards

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an additional protection, used to catch what antivirus products don’t; which is why we call ourselves Anti-Malware rather than an antivirus.

Even though we have had some issues in the past as far as certain AVs detecting our application as something malicious, every time we receive reports of this type of behavior, we reach out to the AVs and work with them until their product allows our product to run.

To show you some proof of our additional protection and compatibility with traditional antivirus products, we have created a sheet to show you whom we work with:

AV Compatibility Report copy

As you can see from the chart above, we work side by side with some of the most popular antivirus products out there, including AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee, MSE and Symantec. From day one, we here at Malwarebytes have developed our product with the extra protection goal in mind.

Think of your traditional antivirus as a seat belt, protecting you from possible accidents, then think of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware as the air bag, an additional precaution that protects you from what the seat belt can not, when you need it the most.

If you come across an AV that does not seem to be working well with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, please let us know via our forums and we can work with the AV in question to make sure your system is doubly protected and you can surf worry free in the dreary forest we call the internet.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

  • cat Chaser

    I did a Belarc Advisor scan of my PC recently. Results were pretty bad in the security area. Although I have Malw Pro I use Avast free anti V,,, evidently Avast is the weak link because my MalwPro has been working great, Killing Bugs With Extreme Prejudice,,,,

  • cat Chaser

    Add on to my previous post,,,, Now I can find a better Anti V from the list here, Im thinking MicroDefender ,, Anybody have views about that, Id love to hear them,,,

  • Mike Kowalchuk

    Yes I have been you sing your product of and on for some time and I can say that your product has worked better than my main protection witch is Norton, your product will advise me of a problem after a scan were I do a scan wright after with Norton and it says that there is nothing there, I had a problem a couple of months ago with Norton,i had to get help,wial they were fixing the problem, they said that the cause why Norton was not working was because of malw,and they uninstalled it and said that it was not after they uninstalled there product, and installed it again they said I should not have a problem, I did not trust that very much and reinstalled was this true what he said about the conflict between these two product if used together. You want to beleave the experts but in this case the experts left me lerrey.

  • teurkuk

    I was recently advised by Nortons 360 support that Malwarebytes was causing a problem with the Liveupdates from their site. I was also fed a lot of other rubbish so I contacted Malwarebytes instead of removing it as they had suggested. My Nortons subscription is due for renewal soon so I appreciate the above list as I can now select an alternative supplier and will probably go back to McAfee who I used to use years ago unless someone has a better uggestion

  • bobergstrom

    I have tried to use Microsoft Security Essentials with Anti-Malware Pro, but it caused several lock-ups of my laptop PC (XP Pro) when logging on. They were hard to resolve so I uninstalled MSE. I would like to be able to use both, as I am able to do with my desktop PC (XP Home).

  • Michael Dugas

    I’ve given up on Zonealarm, mainly because of their intrusive and unavoidable marketing schemes (this is an excellent example of a great product gone very bad!) and on Norton, which I get for free from Comcast.

    Both products think they are the most important software on my PC, which is overbearing and annoying.

    MalWareBytes and Windows Defender keep me safe and infection-free.

    Both are low-impact, high-usefulness products, which I recommend to anyone wanting something simple and effective.

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  • Chester Berschling

    I have read your report and reviewed your table. Yet, when I tried to install Norton, it told me that it was incompatible witrh malwarebytes and that I had to uninstall your program as well as another program that I had—MSSE.This can get very confusing. I have been very satisfied with your program as well as MSSE…but from what I read….it is very hard to stay one step ahead of virus infestations. Anty suggerstions about a good AV/internet security program which most have found very compatible with malwarebytes.

  • exfed

    You will have better luck installing the AV/internet security program first and then installing Malwarebytes over top of it. I have used this order of installation successfully with Norton 360 and Bitdefender Internet Security. I consider these to be at the top of the best AV/internet security list and with Malwarebytes also on the computer, I should be very well protected. Not a single problem so far.

  • DeCMK

    Who is even using MSE these days?!

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  • Pete

    I use Malwarebytes with AVG paid (not on the list) but have had no problem that I can see.

  • MalwareBites

    I used it for a few weeks before i switched to ESET Nod32

  • spud


  • Kelly Clover

    Before I had Malware Bytes installed on my computer it was common for my computer to get hacked big time where it would not function at all after awhile and I had to pay a big repair bill to fix it. In combination with the standard “System Restore” function I never have it to get to that point any more. I am currently using Malware Bytes as the only anti-virus or anti-spyware and it never actually crashes

  • Indrajith Dayaratne

    Avast Free Version and Malwarebytes Free work together fine. I’ve had some problems wit “IstartSurf”, and since just following instructions is not so easy, I got a professional to help me. He unfortunately began by uninstalling both! I’m not blaming him; there is so much on the Web that a busy man can’t start understanding the linguistic intricacies.

    Now, I’ll probably have to install “Malwarebytes” all over again, and hope that it works with ESET NOD 32 to solve my problem.

  • Damon Tarklin

    It’s the best free alternative. It even does network inspection to block intrusion attempts.

  • Damon Tarklin

    I tried it with Norton 360 just a couple months ago and it locked up. Switched to MSE when Norton expired and tried Malwarebytes again and it locked up.

  • Robert Thompson

    I am using Microsoft Security Essentials along with Malwarebytes Anti Malware. All of the other programs I’ve tried lock up my computer real bad. I loved Avast but it and Malwarebyes Anti Malware didn’t get along. I’m keeping Malwarebytes because I’m paying for the premium version.

  • Stevmg

    My ISP provides McAfee AV. Guess what? Cannot install it and ISP throws their hands up and won’t help. Is it true that Windows 10 Defender in combination with Malware Bytes is as “good as any” AV? If so, would help as these leave a small footprint and seem to work WITHOUT degrading performance.

    Why should I keep this ISP?