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September 4, 2013 | BY

Since revising our Malwarebytes Anti-Malware’s Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) detection to become more aggressive at rooting out annoying, misleading or harmful programs, we heard pretty great things from our users.

But a lot of people asked why they have to sit there and check over 1,000 boxes in the results list to rid themselves of these pesky PUPs?

In Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, PUP detection will show up unchecked on the results list by default. The user would have to manually check them for removal to ensure that they do indeed want these removed.

But if you ever find yourself staring at a giant list of PUPs to check mark and remove, to do so quickly, you can highlight one of the detection by left clicking on it. Then, right-click on the highlighted detection, and click Check all items. Next, select Remove Selected.

right click to select all

Additionally, you can change the default to automatically check mark all PUPs to ready for removal by following the directions below.

Go to Settings:


Under Settings, select Scanner Settings. Toward the bottom, where it says “Action for potentially unwanted programs (PUP)” change the option from “Show in results list and do not check for removal” to “Show in results list and check for removal.”

PUP boxes

  • martin

    This application worked in clearing most of the unwanted PUPS but unfortunately I am still left with 3 that I can’t remove, when selected for removal the program does not respond, and although they are shown to be in ‘quarantine’ and subsequently deleted on re-scanning up they pop again, can anyone advise?

  • Cecile Nguyen

    Hi Martin,

    Please head over to our forum at and post your problem there. One of our community expert can assist you with removing those stubborn PUPs. Thanks.

  • ava12

    I’m not sure why I can log on here, while being told on another page that my name and or password is wrong.

    But, here goes.
    I used Malwarebytes PRO for the first time and found almost 1,000 PUPS, and after handchecking about 1/4 of them,I went back and into settings, select “check to be removed”, which then narrowed the PUPS to about 5 in all. (They did seem to be repetitious) I removed them. Another scan said there was nothing malicious present.

    I then went to CCleaner to see what was going on with the registry after removing so many programs……..and there they all were!! In my registry.

    What gives? Were these things not removed, or what?

  • ava12

    BTW, I just tried to go to

    I’m NOT logged in there and cannot log on. I think I’ve tried to use this forum before and ran into the same problem.

    I use the password sent to me in my email, and the drop down menu has my name which I click on, yet I keep being told that “Username or password incorrect. ”

    I’m obviously logged on here. ??

  • Cecile Nguyen

    Hi Ava, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware deleted the PUP files causing them to create orphans within the registry. And CCleaner looks for orphans in the registry that do not have a file associated with it and wants you to remove the lingering empty folders. I believe that’s what you saw when you ran CCleaner, these empty PUP files aren’t harmful but merely being cleaned up in the registry.

  • ava12

    thank you, Cecile.

    I’m still puzzled as to why I can post on this page, but not any other page.

    Not your problem, though. I’ve tried to report it but can’t log in to do so.

  • Alvaro Villarreal

    I cannot remove PUP files, I scanned, found 35 PUP files got them all checked to be removed, i click on remove selected and malwarebytes frezes up
    and do not remove these files, what to do PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Cecile Nguyen

    Hi Alvaro, I’m sorry to hear you are running into trouble. Contact our support team at and one of our support agents can assist you with this issue. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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  • Angela Stewart

    Can I delete all the results………… I accidently did and I don’t know how to to get back………. what do I do?

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  • Lane Jasper

    Why would you want to get them back? Check the quarantine tab and also if you just want a reference of what was found open/view the log files.

  • Zeke Allmon

    I am a huge fan of Mbam, and sell Mbam pro to absolutely everyone I can. However, it is rediculous that you have to go through this to be able to select all PUPs. AND you have to do it BEFORE the scan. There should be a button to select all, or be able to right click on a type and select all of that type (like hitman pro).

    Compared to SAS and hitman pro, you are extremely lacking here.

  • ritergeek

    Agreed that you should have a “Select All” button. Not cool that I had to spend 10 minutes searching the web to find this info after selecting dozens by hand each time for several months. Major deficiency. Other than that, I love Malwarebytes, and so does my tech guy. Thank you for making it available.

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  • Mike Cecchini

    AMEN !!! What idiot designs a malicious software removal tool without a “seclect all” button ??????????

    I finally found the setting buried deep in the settings to have all the boxes checked when anything bad is found… I think it’s fixed……but REALLY ????????

  • Irene Vaughn

    To get rid of most the items, before you run Malware, right click the icon to “run as administrator” then run it. It allows you to get rid of most of the list if not all.

  • James crow

    Best thing to do is delete Malwarebytes and stop pulling my hair out, the pups thing sucks.

  • mm

    This works: go to C:ProgramDataMalwarebytesMalwarebytes Anti-MalwareQuarantine

    At the top of the page, select “Organize” Then choose, “Select All” Now all the Quarantined files are selected (blued out). Now move your cursor to the selected file area and right-click. Click on “delete”.
    Thee End. Merry Christmas!

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  • Heahter

    i have a free version of this program. does this pup removal thing only done in paid version?

  • Heahter

    I need help removing my pup issues b4 i can get more help from blizzard do u have directions for the free version?

  • Mike

    Heck I get so many pups and I select delete all. and they all come back anyway. Support did not help.