Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0!

March 24, 2014 | BY

I am overjoyed to announce the launch of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0. I know you’ve been waiting a very long time for this and so have we!

This is the biggest rewrite we have ever undertaken and we hope you’re thrilled with the result.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 ships with a completely redesigned user interface to make the product easier to use, more informative, and to provide quicker access to key functionality.

Malwarebytes 2.0
We have also built in and improved our Anti-Rootkit and Chameleon self-protection technologies, which have been in beta for the past year. Additionally, we’ve rewritten Malicious Website Blocking and improved native x64 support.

Most importantly, our detection and removal engine was significantly improved under the hood and kicks even more malware butt!

Finally, we’ve renamed the PRO version to Premium to avoid confusion for home users.

With the launch of 2.0, we’ll also be moving to a subscription licensing model, $24.95 per year. As more and more people have come to rely on us for malware protection and cleanup, our costs in bandwidth, hosting fees, infrastructure, salaries of our researchers, QA department and more have grown immensely.

Though our company is about more than just making money, we are a company and we do have to make money to pay our staff to continue doing what they love, which is fighting malware.

The subscription model will help us to be sustainable for the future while staying true to our roots that we will always make malware cleanup free for everyone.

We will continue to honor existing lifetime licenses, meaning any users that already have a lifetime license for 1.x will continue to have a lifetime license for 2.0.

We’ll also be offering the remaining few thousand lifetime licenses as a special offer, so keep an eye out! On top of all of that, new subscription licenses will be valid for three PCs, not just one.

We could have gone other routes to make our business more financially sustainable, like adding toolbars or advertisements like many other security products have, but that’s not the company we are.

We believe that products should be nag-free and cleanup shouldn’t cost our users a dime, and we’re going to stay true to that. Scanning for and removing malware will be free in this new version and beyond! You didn’t pay to get infected, you shouldn’t pay to clean it up!

With all that said, you can download 2.0 here!

You can view the press release here and the FAQs for 2.0 here.

Also, we’re running a special Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 t-shirt giveaway. Enter on our Facebook page.

  • Jeramy Skidmore

    The Pro download link leads you to download the old version

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  • Jonathan Lancett

    Hi i love mbm but i hope it wont take to long for the update for accessibility. as it stands mbm 2.0 cant be used with jaws 15 or NVDA. witch is a grate shame! accessibility is grate in the new app for android thanks for all your hard work

  • Dustin Formisano

    I love MWB, but I have to be honest; this interface is a step in the wrong direction IMO. Once downloaded and installed, I honestly thought I had inadvertently clicked on a sponsored link on google instead of the MWB site, and downloaded a Rogue-AV masquerading as MWB.

    Once I double checked myself and realized it was just the new 2.0 interface, I immediatley hated it. It reminds me partly of the Java based “DOWNLOAD HERE” style buttons you might find on a file sharing site that links you to something highly irrelevant, and partly of the style of interface used by the fake-AVs mentioned above that were popular a few years ago.

    Just my $0.02. I hope this doesn’t add to the confusion for end users as much as I think it will.

    Other than that, I’m glad MWB finally got a facelift :)

  • Julien Ascoet

    @Dustin Formisano
    Just a question about the design, fake AVs (rogues) are inspired about the real AVs’ design, so IMO that’s ‘normal’ for MBAM2 to look like rogues, if they look like AVs, right? :)
    Would you prefer Win8-tiled design? I don’t think so, some rogues are using that design as well :).

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  • airstreambill

    Hi. Version 2 at times will not stop scanning when one tells it to and also one can not exit the program at times without using Task Manager to shut it down. Not crazy about the New GUI Interface. Looks a little toooo Windows 8.x ish. I am sticking with the older Ver. for now.

  • tammy jett

    i just downloaded your newest veresion i was not aware until today that was a new veresion it occured to me at first that it might be a scam becauce the interface it did not look the same there are so many scams out there that it,s scary and trust me i have made a purchase from a company that is supposed to protect you from viruses and it took my money and then i got a email and they asked me for a copy of my state id as well as other information of course i was not dumb i did not send them a thing but they got away with the scam my bank did not believe me to see that it was a scam needless to say i took the program out i look forward to seeing how your program works out if anyone wants to reply to me please feel free to thank you

  • slipstream

    YAY, finally 😀

    And it RTW’d literally less than 24 hours after I bought a lifetime 1.0 pro license, and told my friend to do the same, because I knew of the plans of subscription based licensing.

    Looks like I did so at exactly the right time <3

  • Dale Birmingham

    Wow saw the NEW Malwarebytes and thought I got MALWARE!!! It looks JUST LIKE MALWARE!!! I really liked the other UI better but if that’s the direction you guys want to go then so be it. Just note, I’m an owner of a computer tech center and it fooled me. For sure I thought I downloaded malware. FYI, the UI does look exactly like malware. I use your product daily by the way and it works great.

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  • David Nixon

    Hate the new user interface – looks tacky and unprofessional compared to the 1.75 version, and dumbed down to suit the Ipad/Windows 8 lovers.

    Certainly not friendly for quick mouse clicks, and looks really cheap and nasty.

    Fits with the fashion for acres of wasted white space on programs and websites these days.It adds nothing to functionality, and is nothing more than a visual assault.

    Uninstalled it after one use and gone back to 1.75

  • Robby Robinson

    I also don’t love the spammy look of the new design but I bet many more will love it.

    I wouldn’t dream of discontinuing your fine product due to the aesthetics.

    I’d like to know more about the additional features you’ve added and I’m lazy enough to just ask you to post about it.

    Thanks for all your work!

  • Crispin

    Love the new interface and the premium version seems reasonably priced for 3 machines … good luck with the new version :)

  • Craig Procter

    I’m confused – Slipstream posted that he bought a lifetime 1.x licence, but then returned it as 2.x is subscription only?

    I thought if you had a 1.x lifetime licence that 2.x is free lifetime support as well?

    Can a Malwarebytes employee please clarify? thank you.

  • pinewoodblue

    Sorry, just horrible – made me jump as like others I thought I had ended up with one of the very programs Malwarebytes gets rid of!

    Not sure who thought the cheap and amateurish look was better, but not a fan at all.

    I do pay for the pro version on my pc and am reluctant to update :(

  • Marcin Kleczynski

    @pinewoodblue, we’re working through some of the issues you’ve raised!

  • Marcin Kleczynski

    @Craig Procter, all new licenses sold as of Monday are subscription licenses. However, there’s a nice easter egg on my Twitter where you may be able to find a lifetime license!

  • pinewoodblue

    @Marcin – thanks for the reply. I hope you appreciate that the comments are an initial reaction (although I haven’t changed my mind yet!) and I do like the older style. It looks much more professional in my opinion.

    Of course, aside from the GUI, it’s still as powerful as ever, just needs to be a ‘bit quieter’ 😉

  • Kazys Dylys

    Like others, am not too happy about new GUI. Thought i do see how it may be easier for new users, but us the users that have been using Malwarebytes for long time , it just feels wrong. Well that’s mine opinion on new user interface. Yesterday after i installed new version it have stopped responding couple of times, so my guess not all hick ups been ironed out yet.

  • Matthew Brown

    I don’t like the new version. You took something that was simple and complicated it. The annoying X that makes it look like something is wrong to users of the free version is an eyesore! The new interface is way too busy, and will confuse most of the public who are barely able to do more than surf and check their email. I know this because I am a professional in this industry, and cater to consumers. Why did you have to “fix” what wasn’t broken?

  • ronxp2000

    I can’t complain with Malwarebytes, as it has always been the best assisting tool to an antivirus.

    I agree with the others, the COLORFUL “FAKE AV” looking menu looks bad. It highly resembles some of the fake anti-virus malware. Also it is a little cartoon looking.

    Highly efficient and professional programs like Malwarebyes, should be simple, but look IMPORTANT and CLEAR, and not exactly appeal to the Apple fetish.

    Take no offense please, just a general observation. Your software is top notch, and I am very happy I purchased it. Thank you, and keep up the great work.

  • McOwnage OneOneEight

    Please add option to get old UI back I hate that companies are going WIN 8 style.

  • Rob Moir

    while I’m sure the application remains as awesome as ever at its heart, I have to wonder what the **** your UI designers were thinking. As it stands, it now looks like the worst possible excesses of the Fake AV designer. Hopefully you don’t need someone to draw you a map to explain why that’s a bad thing.

  • imfak

    It is just awesome. I was just thinking why the gui was lagging and hanging. they have good performance and gui is not working well, but now it is awesome, no one can beat mbam. but the application UI is looking like some fake app. do something to feel it professional. but the way it works is good…

  • Carl Smith

    Not loving this new version. Most aspects of the interface I can deal with but I have one major issue and that’s the way it lists detections. In the old version you could sort the detections by name (or any other column) easily but I can’t do that in 2.* (interestingly I can sort the “Review detected items” DURING a scan, just not the results after a scan has completed. Additionally this list has a lot more wasted space than before and I’d still like a way to collapse the results so I can more quickly scan through the names on heavily infected machines. Having hundreds or thousands of results listed out in an expanded list when many belong to the same thing is clunky.

    Beyond that, I’m hoping it’s better and more thorough because scans on average seem to be much slower. Each system I’ve seen it run on also has a file it just gets stuck on for 20-30 minutes. I’d love to be able to skip these or find out what’s going on.

  • Greg Epley

    Very disappointed with accessibility. Not easier for blind persons to use. Ten steps backwards for us. Glad I didn’t waste the $20 for the premium offer. You threw accessibility completely out the window. Blind persons will have to go back to old version. Plus you shoot yourselves in the foot because many blind won’t try your product again to see if accessibility has been fixed. Sad, so sad. Ruined a formnerly good product while catering to sighted people.

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  • David Martín Martínez

    ADORO Malwarebytes, desde que lo descubrí hace años no he parado de recomendarlo. Pero esta ultima actualización ha sido una monumental cagada. Malwarebytes es un nombre con una imagen, una identidad, la imagen que da malwarebytes es de un programa eficaz y eficiente y a la vez sencillo, con una interfaz sublime por su sencillez y su claridad, donde todo se ve fácil y claro, y no tiene adornos que dificultan su uso y que queriendo mejorar el producto solamente lo empeora.

    Os ruego que volvierais a la interfaz anterior y volváis a ser vosotros de nuevo por favor, hasta siendo pobre iba a compraros una licencia por que pienso que vuestro trabajo es increíble y os lo merecéis, pero ya no se que lo que haré…

  • Herman Jones

    Really? This is the new and improved malwarebytes? By now you must have read that a majority of people don’t like or want to use Windows 8. Why are you following their theme? As usual with software “improvements” why can’t the user decide which would be best to suit their needs? There was absolutely nothing wrong with version 1.75. Why did it need to modified to this dumbed down, silly looking, less intuitive version? Where is quick scan? One of the most useful and important features of the program and its nowhere to be seen. I guess I should be grateful that malwarebytes was useful and lasted as long as it did but if this is the new direction or you are planning on going the way of logmein and suddenly springing a reduced, less functional, pay only version in the future, I’m sure you will meet the same fate and ire from the world as logemein did. Don’t do this! Let the users have two options. One for this apparently new audience that is unable to navigate the old malwarebytes and a second for those of us can!

  • Marcin Kleczynski

    @Herman Jones, we have heard loud and clear about the UI changes and we are working on them.

    HOWEVER, malware removal will always remain free for our users. We have absolutely no plans to release a reduced functionality version for non-paying users.

  • Jack Belck

    Works well, though not able to totally clean out from chrome mydial search.

  • diegomeirelles2011 .

    You need to include an option so we can move to a simple interface as was the old interface.
    This new interface reminds me the Spy sweeper when it began to lose quality.

    The removal interface after positive scan is also very confusing because it not show the remove process and permits a new scan over it.

  • David Glovin

    Thanks for a great program. What are you guys doing to prevent or kill Cryptolocker? It looks to be the big bad wolf of 2014.

  • pal1000

    I upgraded to version 2.0 and discovered some problems:
    1. Threat Scan wiped windows.old folder contents. I upgraded from Windows 8 to 8,1 recently and I wanted to keep Windows.old just in case. Now is gone for good. I don’t think this is safe though for my case I have a recovery partition already.
    2. Self protection is enabled or not (confusion). If you enable self protection in Settings – Advanced Settings then you do a scan, any type of scan and open the log file in XML format using your default web browser (make use of Settings – History to find out where the logs are stored in XML format) you will notice that the log states that self protection is disabled hence the confusion.
    3. Editing tasks in the scheduler is impossible, the edit button is greyed out all the time even for custom tasks brand new created. Only workaround is to delete the old task(s) and create new task(s).

  • Jamie Harding

    I did have a licence for Malwarebytes, but Im guessing that when that runs out ,
    Ill be going back to my free suites of malware removal tools, The ui is not for me im afraid.

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  • Janet Davies

    It looks amazing, I love the different scans we can do, everything is amazing, I hope though it won’t mean it will cost me more money, as then I would have to go for the free service, so although you have done a fantastic job, it may lose you money!!!!

  • Jason Williams

    The UI looks fine. People who complain the most, complain the loudest.

  • Robert Shaffer

    I think a lot of people don’t like UI changes. I don’t mind. As for the performance it seems excellent to me. My SSD Win 8.1 main computer scanned in about 5 + minutes. Don’t like the tiles! I installed Classic Shell. My old slow Vista laptop took about 12 minutes. Malwarebytes is an excellent partner with a good Antivirus program, (App in new nomenclature). 55 years with computers. “The only constant is change”

  • Minea Liviu

    I’m sorry to sound a little bit like a jerk, but seriously, this is one of the most nagging anti-malware softwar I’ve ever used. The backup is unbeliveably annoying, because it keeps appearing about 15 times per day. I don’t really care all that much about file backup, so I’d really love a way to disable it. It’s basically the same thing as adware.

  • ghostwalker

    Must confess, having a gui that could switch to the plain interface might be a viable solution. Thanks for all the hard work and improved functionality. Just a note that even though i have the Explorer context menu entry ticked, it will not scan, the interface simply comes up.

  • Doug Smith

    Holy ****!!
    Talk about change. I guess I didn’t get the memo. I run a computer repair shop and I use mbam quite frequently. Today I downloaded it on to a customers machine (I do this on all of my fixes and suggest to them that they purchase your product after the trial period expires. About 85% of them do.), installed it and then….WTF?! I thought i just got the laptop infected again. This looks so much like the ransomware floating around out there. Love the product, but the new UI really stinks. Other than that, you guys rock!

  • Nate Ennis

    Not a big fan. Thought I had installed a fake antivirus with the new design. The pop-ups in the corner are intrusive and unnecessary. The old design looked efficient and professional. This looks obnoxious and all of the bright colors and big shiny buttons looks ridiculous. There was no need to include active protection and I liked MWB as something I used to quick clean a clients laptop and use it as a every week tool. Now I might have to worry about certain AV’s fighting with it causing issues. The new scanning feature feels actually less informative then before and is more cumbersome. I will start using the older versions (with current databases of course) until someone takes notice of the bad decisions made. I’ve loved the program so far up to this point.

  • Joey TheRedstoner

    I like the change with the interface! Almost kinda of looks a rogue, but I still like it. I don’t like how the licenses work, however. Great job however! :)

  • jesus castello

    I actually like the new interface, but I have a few issues with the Spanish version, like the text doesn’t look right in some places (it doesn’t fit), also some strings aren’t translated correctly, for example it says “My cuenta” when it should be “Mi cuenta”

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  • Dave Ellis

    I agree with a lot of the other posters, I thought I had downloaded a “Click here now to scan your system for viruses!” scam program. Those banner looking buttons really look like the fake banners they put on download sites. I don’t care for the change at all.

    You do have a great product, just not a fan of the redesign.

  • Steve backer

    Congrats on your version! Thanx for the Easter egg. Just to point out, after cashing in my golden ticket the page still showed the same number of limited lifetime licenses available (4,462). Hmm.

    Initially I was suspicious of the new version, new UI, and enhanced marketing. You have gone from an obscure company with an amazing product, to a company that so many have now heard of and a new version X?X, that remains to be proven. My point? This is where many many companies stumble and lose their way. Not an accusation, just a friendly heads up… we love you and want you to stay an integrous firm. Your page explaining the many changes is quite convincing (it should be an optional readme on the free version install). Please try and stick to it. Beware of self delusion. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. ;>

  • Andrew Monce

    Personally I love the new UI, very clean and much nicer looking than the old, windows 98 look of the older version. My complaint is not about the UI, it is about how processes data and how it deals with certain websites. There are certain sites which I have excluded, but it still acts very wonky when I try to download from them. Your program then decides that anything I download is malware, and blocks it. If I reload the page it may allow the download, but just depends. I have entered the different domains in different configs and the same thing happens, and since I have loaded this on several of my PC’s and it does it on all of them; I know this is an issue. please see what you can do. Thank you, you have a great product!

  • marketor menow

    I agree with most people that the new UI is gross and it looks like a scam. MB also needs an option for the user to go back to the simple UI from previous version. it cant be that hard. the conformity to windows 8 is unfortunately unavoidable but i think ill use win7 for years from now.

    One thing that most people aren’t commenting on is the fact that this is a more powerful product. being able to detect rootkits is an awesome upgrade. the different scans selections are OK but i have always done a custom scan because i dont need MB to scan my music. also, chameleon is awesome because it is. read up on your products people!

    regardless, if a super hacker really wants in your computer they will gain access and there is NO software program out there to stop it.

  • delaserus

    Adding my support to those against the new UI.

    It looks like the dozens of other bogus antivirus tools I remove on a daily basis.

    Please, go back to the refined, professional UI.

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  • breed

    I have to agree with the Masses on the UI. Malwarebytes now looks like Malware. When I first installed it I had to go back and make sure it was from the right site. Malware peeps are going to have a field day copying this one, the problem is that I won’t be able to tell which is which … Wouldn’t it be nice if a company heard it’s user base and change the UI.

  • Marc Davies

    Since the new update my custom scan keeps getting stuck at 109270 files on C\:Windows\web\wallpaper\scenes\img25.jpg to the point I have to task manager close the programme. Please fix this bug its annoying :(

  • davdri

    AMB works and that is what matters, but the new UI has no other way to describe it…It sucks.

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  • fairplay08

    I can’t get the Real-Time settings to work in this newest version I am getting a message that says “Your system is not fully protected”. I press the “Fix Now” button and nothing happens. Plus, under the “Detection and Protection” section the program keeps changing the “Malware Protection and Malicious Website Protection” page from “Enabled” to “Disabled”. I’m not happy with this new version, at all. There are too many bugs in it and I think the authors raced to get this version out way too soon. Please, I will go back to 1.75 if these issues are not corrected soon.

  • fairplay08

    Well, I’ll be darned. The “Real-Time” protection is now working after my 5th or 6th download of the newest version Now we’ll see if the scheduled scans will start working (I forgot to mention this in my previous post) because this has been a problem, too.

  • Darlene Brabant

    I really don’t see what the big problem is , it looks nice was easy to use its doing the job , you all sound like a bunch of spoiled brats. I think the added price is very reasonable , Nothing in is world is free for every get over it , It takes time and money to do what they are doing , Find out if it on the stock market and buy shares and maybe it can be free again , There support is one of he best they get back to you with in 20 , you really think some one is going to be setting by the phone to bail you butts out of a problem and not get paid , Grow up

  • Charles Miller

    Created an Account just to say…. YUCK.. your new interface is UGLY and like some sort of candy filled nightmare. I do not like it at all.

  • Beau Jeane

    @ all of you peeps with negative criticism, especially bout the new interface: Would you like some cheese with your wine?! Geezz.. ever heard of the constructive way to do so?? These guys worked their butts off and all you can manage is to dump on it, very nice. Not! lt’s a flipping interface, not a screensaver or a background image, so simmer down. l for one like it better than the old UI (and l’ve never been accused for having bad taste in esthetics); and the thing that made me smile the most was the option to exclude certain websites and/or files. So thanx MBAM, for your ‘blood sweat & tears’, you already had a great product, and now you even made it better! ~: )

  • Tim Gahagan

    After I installed the new version, it gave me an error that it could not install the “Root Kit” detector, inspector, whatever.
    A reboot was required. I did that, and Mbam is installed, but I am not sure how to check to see if the Root Kit detector is installed and functional, nor does a google search show any information about this part of the product.
    What gives here? How do I know that this is installed correctly?
    As it warned that it was possible I had a root-kit if this happened.
    But nothing after reboot to tell me anything.

  • drofli

    Bought the original Pro version a few days ago. Updated to v2 and it keeps crashing or locking the computer. End up going back to old version.

    PC is Intel i7-920 with 12G memory running Windows 7 64bit. Just tried the latest update to v2, with root check off. Runs in background OK but as soon as I try to run scan or even right click on task bar icon it locks up PC. I see from other reports elsewhere that this seems to be a common problem. Any guess on when it will be safe to use on Win7 64bit machines?

  • Tim Gahagan

    This is the error I see: (not sure how to link to an image)


  • quigonjohn

    I just came across the newer version today, for the first time. My biggest complaint is that there is no easy way to select whether you want a FULL, QUICK or CUSTOM SCAN. Also, when I tried to stop the scan, CANCEL, the program just hung.

    BTW, the older version really saved me on a couple repairs I was doing, especially the stealth tool version, kudos. I hope you make MBAM the powerful, easy to use tool that we all know and love, real soon!

  • fairplay08

    Regarding your newest version of Malwarebytes: Could we please, please, please bring back the small message in the right hand corner of the computer screen so we know when updates have been made and I liked it when the program came up on the screen to let us know the scan has been run or is running. The way you have it set up right now it’s impossible to know if the program is running “as advertised”, or not. Other than that I can’t think of anything else right now that would make me happier. Thank you.

  • Davide Taini

    I work in a computer assistance shop. Everyday my job is to get rid of fake AVs from customers’ computers.

    Yesterday i found Mbam to be aesthetically an EXACT COPY of those rogue AVs.

    Maybe a little of fine tuning will give the application a more professional look, at least for experts make a “switch to expert mode” where the graphics count less and the core count more.

  • Beau Jeane

    @Tim Gahagan on April 8, 2014: Maybe there’s another way to check whether (eg) rootkit’s enabled, l do by clicking “view detailed log” in the scan menu; this leads to the scanning history log which also displays the dis-/enabled status of rootkits/heuristics aso.
    Then again, l could be totally wrong in my observation, if so l’ll be gladly corrected. ~: )

  • Yoyo Dfw

    Yes, the new UI stinks – awful, confused layout. One small improvement – seeing what has been found so far during the scan is a big plus. But, the UI is just terrible. Also, rootkit scanning should be enabled by default.
    Would also note that I had it hang and require task killing, I believe it was because it found something that I later uninstalled during the scan, and when it couldn’t find the task in memory, it wet the bed. It was a system optimizer so nothing to horrible so it wasn’t like serious malware attacked it, I just think it had no ability to deal with the only thing found no longer in memory – it sat for minutes before I decided it had gone nips up.
    Like your product, consider revisiting the UI as it is very poor.

  • techone

    Just got a notice to update to V2. Few things:

    1. Love to new UI. The old Windows 98 look is old and outdated. Great balance in desighn, navigation, simplicity, and functionality. Simple, easy, functional. Also thank you for not making it looks like Windows 8 (Hate that thing and I went back to Windows 7).

    2. Seems that scanning speed has improved a lot. Can you confirm that it still scans for all of the stuff that V1 did?

    3. What is “Enable self-protection’ module? When I try to turn it on the program hangs and/or seems to crash. Other than that, all other settings/options seem to work.

    4. Why is “scan for rootkits” option is off (not checked) by default? I have checked it, unless I am missing something????

    Thank you! Love the new version!

  • Dana Booth


    Just got the free version yesterday and it looks great. FYI, I have some of the same question as @techone re rootkits. Is there a reason __not_ to scan for them???

    Also, I was considering getting the paid version so I’d have continuous protection, but all of these UI comments scare me.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on these concerns.



  • Michael Wharington

    This new layout is horrendous.. It looks like cheap malware that I normally use MBAM to remove. Can you please implement a way to change the theme or style back to the previous style? It just looks too cheap and gimmicky, the complete opposite of what I and my staff loved about it. When I first installed 2.0 I thought that I had been fooled into downloading malware. Also, why would rootkit scanning not be on by default? And also, is there a way of sorting the list of found infections alphabetically? On the previous version you could click the “name” box and have it sorted in alphabetic order. Sorry for all the negative feedback, but bad feedback is better than no feedback. Would you guys considering switching back to the loved layout opposed to the malware styled layout? Positive feedback: We will continue to use and support and recommend your product as no one can match your level of scanning and protection but please consider fixing this horrible layout. Thanks.

  • HughJorgan

    I agree with Mr. Wharington. I have been a PRO user for a couple of years, and the new UI is horrible. Reminds me of what AVG did a few years back when they decided that it was necessary to be pretty. (And IMO, AVG’s UI is nowhere as bad as the new MBAM!) I stopped being an AVG user, and now I just stopped being an MBAM 2.0 user by reloading MBAM 1.75.

    Please reconsider this monstrosity and offer a tamer theme for users who don’t like getting punched in the face every time they open the UI.

  • quigonjohn

    Strange we have not had anymore feedback from MBAM staff in recent days. I am so glad I discovered all the problems with the new 2.0 versions before I had completely gotten rid of my installers for the 1.75. Hope they fix MBAM soon!

  • quigonjohn

    FYI, I was also upset to learn the paid version is no longer a one-time charge. That was a big selling point when I would recommend it to people. I would tell them, yea, you have to pay for the real-time protection, but at about $25 for a one-time charge, it’s worth it. Much harder sell with an annual subscription.

  • easterlg

    I just updated or upgraded to 2.0 from the PRO, and am extremely impressed. I do like the GUI and appreciate the look and feel as well as the efforts put forth. Way to go. Wish you all the best. Thank you!

  • Jaime Guerra

    I do IT Consluting, but have a visual impairment. I would use the Microsoft Desktop theme called High Contrast #1 which is black background and white / yellow text. Easy to see by users who have disabilities. To my frustration, the new UI does not accept / inherit the black background with white text on the new v2.0 release. For low vision users a white background with small light gray fonts is not viewable to many with color blindness. The previous 1.75 release could be easily viewed by low vision users, elderly who lose their sensitivity to subtle contrast changes. Anyway, the previous version would accept the low vision high contrast theme to accommodate low vision users, but I do not think this aspect was considered during the development and testing of release 2.0. Hopefully, from the UI issues forum mbam developers are going to attempt to fix the UI issues so as to possibly accept the accessibility HIGH CONTRASt MCROSOFT tools to help those that need inverted images to read displays and etc,.
    Just to state, mban you do have a powerful malware cleaner tool, but the UI needs some attention to accommodate low vision users.

  • Ticamai .

    I don’t like the look of the new interface all that much. I legitimately thought I had somehow installed malware that disguised itself as MalwareBytes. Part of why I liked MalwareBytes was because it didn’t try and make its own fancy interface widgets, it just used the OS’s interface toolkit like any other self-respecting software would.


    As I explored the new interface a bit, looked through some of the options, intentionally infected a test machine and ran a scan on it, I found that every single issue that I have had with the old interface over the past few years has been fixed, and on top of that, the program starts and runs *much* faster than it did previously. I may not like the new appearance, but as a whole, this is definitely a major improvement.

  • cbyt3

    Yes the UI sucks. And to quote Fairplay 08 on April 5 “. I am getting a message that says “Your system is not fully protected”. I press the “Fix Now” button and nothing happens. Plus, under the “Detection and Protection” section the program keeps changing the “Malware Protection and Malicious Website Protection” page from “Enabled” to “Disabled”. Also I attempted to manually update virus library and was unable to do so. I have uninstalled 2.0 and am back to 1.75 Pro. Updates installed.

  • quigonjohn

    cbyt3, those are the kinds of things that are much more of a problem with this new release, besides the major change in the look. I tried but could not find where I could tell it to do just a Quick Scan. Only thing I could find was scan, with no idea of what it was doing. When I finally decided to cancel the scan, so I could uninstall and go back to 1.75, it just froze up.

    I could live with the new interface, if they would add the options we are used to, as well as fix all the bugs, like what I noted, what you noted and many others. The lack of progress on this makes it seem like they are not interested in fixing the problems, only in collecting annual subscription fees from new users.

  • Nick Theosis

    Lets be very clear, the fake AV desingnes preceeded this new “interface” by years. What in the world were you guys thinking?!! The old interface was clean, simple, no nonsense and easy to understand at a glance. This new crayola nonsense is garbage. You can only see a few lines of info at a time. It is very obfuscatory as to what is actually going on.

    It is like you just wanted to make sure no users got harmed on sharp corners. This is not an interface designed to coney maximum information with minimum time and effort. Shame on you.

    When I scan and close, the next time I launch the old window as if there is new malware! there is not.

    And my context menu just opens to scan the whole machine.

    Congrats guys for turning the best software out their into utter rubbish. NOW you charge a subscription when it is not even worth free. Not good business.

  • Nick Theosis

    You guys came into being because the AV industry itself wasn’t supporting the needs of the actual users. You evolved because you put those needs over your own profits. Now you have just lost your way and ARE the AV industry.

    Malwarebytes Bytes

    It is time for a new team with vision and talent to to step in a fill the gap you have left.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  • matiaspage

    Hello, I wanted to take a few minutes to give you my feedback. It might be helpful, or just an opinion. I don’t mean to be negative.

    I had to uninstall version 2. I don’t like the new behavior. I like to keep Microsoft Security Essentials as the main Anti-Virus.

    And I want to have Anti-Malware off (I mean no real-time protection, this is how I’ve been using your software for the last years). I like to invoke it to check certain files or folders or to perform a fast scan.

    But version 2 is turning itself on all the time, and it noticeably slows down my computer. Even if I set the options to not start up with Windows and also turn off real time protection, it appears in the taskbar for no apparent reason.

    I tried many different ways, and the program is just annoying me in the background. It’s heavy on my system, and my computer is not slow.


  • Nick Theosis

    How much longer will version 1.75 Pro be viable (get updates, engine functions properly)

  • Nick Theosis

    It just keeps getting worse. 2.0 is constantly nagging me about out of date DB but it will never update.

  • Marcin Kleczynski

    At least for a year.

  • Jay Damour

    love the program. been using it for years! thanks for all your hard work. the UI does look like a fake but i like the big buttons and accessability that you were going for. i just say change the colors a bit. anyway, my main issue is that the switches were removed… you say they will be back in a future release which is good. But why in the world were they removed from this release and how long until they are put back in? there are lots of us out there that use them. please bring them back in the next release!

  • Flameblast

    Malwarebytes. A really good anti-malware. I recently found it and installed the trial. I loved every second of it. Now, I am not here to complain about the new UI. The new UI is a lot better than the old UI. The old UI looked like a rogue to me. Now, one problem I had today was that my Malwarebytes (free) said I never ran a scan on my computer before even though I have. Please reply to this comment.

  • mikeb1958 running on xp in conjunction with AVG.
    Like several other i cannot enable malicious website protection.
    Am i actually protected or not?

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  • One Tw0

    The new UI is something out of “spam” playbook. It isn’t user friendly. I miss the quick and full scan options.

  • Marcin Kleczynski

    The quick and full scan options are still available! They are under the scan tab.

    Quick Scan was just renamed to Threat Scan because users were very confused by it. Full Scan can be ran using the Custom Scan.

    We’re also working through the UI feedback we were given.

  • Andreesito Ferralees

    I owe MBAM,MBAE and HitmanPro my life for saving my PC out of malware.

  • Tim Bates

    Adding my name to the list of people unimpressed with the new interface. Also seems to have some new quirks to it’s behavior.

    Problems so far:
    1) After quitting the program, it doesn’t start back up properly until the desktop shortcut is run 3 times (once loads a tray icon, 2nd time removes that tray icon, 3rd time successfully loads interface).

    2) Custom scans now take 2 extra clicks.

    3) Program checks for updates on start, then wants to check again before a scan. If not using realtime protection, this is plain stupid.

    4) Cancelling a scan seems to not work. I just told MBAM to scan a nearly empty disk and it took nearly 6 minutes and couldn’t be cancelled. Quite annoying if you make a mistake in disk selection. Roughly 4.5 minutes of this seems to be the “prescan” bit.

    5) The old interface said what file it was scanning. New appears not to, unless I’ve missed something.

    6) Even with the registry and memory scans disabled, MBAM says it scanned over 200,000 objects on a completely blank SD card, with an aweful lot of HDD activity…. I get why it’s doing this, and I think the old one did it too, but it seems pointless to do this on every scan, especially if you just did one 15 minutes ago. The user should get the choice of whether the internal HDD is involved at all.

  • molitar arbutus

    This interface is AWFUL! It looks like crap! Runs like crap! Hangs and stalls! Stops responding! Looks unprofessional! And I never use web protection so I have this ugly red ! on the icon! I have uninstalled this crap and reinstalled 1.75!!!!

    Quit trying to **** up what was the best professional interface ever!

  • Lucas Terzi

    Sorry to say this, but I’ve come to talk back that I’m the last old version (1.75) by 3 things:

    1 – For the second time, bizarrely the last version 2.0 is turning off by itself alone. And to turn on again I have to uninstall and Install again to insert my key.

    2 The interface is sucks. Very sucks. Remember me the amateurs AVG and AVAST. Why did you do this? Is AWFUL!

    The 3rd version 1.75 are intergrated into Windows 8 interface. Why your team removed this?

    Consider this as a feedback to make a better version, because I like a lot of your work, but since I paid, want something beautiful and elegant that works as well was 1.75.

  • el bib

    got to admit like others i thought it was bogus malware,preferred the old look simple and easy to understand.i have used the free version for years and have recommended it to many friends.i hope it continues with free version.running a scan now to see how it performs

  • bbb99

    Any reason why my previous comment wasnt submitted? Have you had to many people coming back with negative feed back about this repulsive looking GUI? Or that you have now put yourself as part of the system and just interested in money with your money grabbing scheme of yearly subscriptions. You’ve lost me and my clients as buyers of your product.

  • Jeff Green

    I’m a computer technician and have been using malwarebytes for years (wasn’t it opt out originally?). I’m trying very hard to stick with this but it really doesn’t seem to working as well in the areas I need it work as did 1.75

    The quick scan takes MUCH longer now and I’ve tried it on several machines. Even when run with something like ccleaner reducing all the temp files beforehand, the latest versions seem slower and very dumbed down. I hate reading the propaganda about how wonderful the program is, the interface is confusing, I don’t like the automatic quarantine at the end. (Although, I don’t miss that randomly sized notepad popping up at the end of 1.75 either.) It feels like this is trying to be a McAfee or Norton’s – as in a one stop location for all things malware.

    I haven’t been recommending 2.0 or 2.01 to anyone, and yes I run the free version on the customers machine but have always left it there and advised they register it. I myself have loaded various iterations well over 400 times and others in my shop use it as also. Not one of us like the new versions but I remain ever hopeful with each new upgrade that perhaps you’ll either make a second “expert” version for those of us who really can handle all the mean ‘ol nasty malware or decide to maybe go retro and jump back to a simpler, cleaner, more tech but less consumer friendly look. I will keep trying it, did so today and had to stop the scan midway since I knew it was taking WAY longer than 1.75 ever does. Removed 2.0.1 and loaded 1.75 from a flash drive to finish the job.

    Please consider “fixing” this – I honestly will hate to part ways with you but this is not cost effective to run at a billable hourly rate and I’m just not that crazy about the interface to keep dealing with it. I do understand and see your reasons (at least some of them) for the change, but its not compatible with the type of work I need to perform quickly and efficiently.

  • Saul Herrera


    Not sure, if you guys (MBAM Staff) are reading this since there aren’t many replies to the postings here, so, I’ll keep this short.

    1 – I am a computer/IT support consultant and use MBAM for all my clients every week, both paid and free

    2 – I concur with the GUI points above but this is more user preference than anything else

    3 – however, more importantly, the new GUI DOES NOT RESIZE itself in safe mode which makes it nearly impossible to use in safe mode. As you know, often times, the only way to remove malware is to run MBAM in safe mode

    THat’s all,

    thank you for your time

  • Brian Foster

    If it ain’t broke, give it a bunch of annoying changes right? That’s the way. I hate the way this program looks and acts now. I have trouble making it stop and I seem to be unable to enable a quick scan. Is this all just a ploy to force a purchase? It’s not working.

  • firemaniam

    the greatest majority of my customers are seniors (65 and up is my thought on that limitation) they universally do not care for the design, – for my part with 25+ yrs pro IT field and lab tech – too far out too fast – think when TNG came out, redesigned ship with redesigned crew – that 1st season was darn rocky but that command presence from a trained and seasoned Elizabethan actor at the helm and given his thought too reality concerning uniform tweaks along with listening to fan base (who raved about it as the ship changed bit by bit) and WHAM!!! whole new Star Trek was born with many spin-offs (most at least fairly successful)

    Even amongst seniors who wanted Kirk back, they fell in love with the newer TNG and when it changed again (D to E) very little resistance and nearly universal acceptance – have done beta-testing with Microshaft since 4.0 – they bailed on TechNet because of the response to Win 8 – I worked a deal with them, my customers get to revert their towers, laptops, tablets to Win7 Home Prem for $49 with a $30 charge from me for labor, when the word got out, I very nearly hired outside help I was so swamped and not just seniors – even capacitive screen units

    too much, way too much, even Apple knows that – I was approached with a petition from the County Senior Center (400 odd signatures and they have just over 80 registered members) – they want me to teach classes on Zorin
    some have seen me use it on units with too deep an infection – and they love that Zorin will allow them to “wear their own skin” – the Windows skin is so XP-like they are willing to sit through hours of learning Linux rather than to continue following Microshaft and its lead – Apple appears too much for them to want, go figure

    I hold two – 2 hour seminars each month, those who come in when I have the Senior Center at that time make a $20 and up donation to the Food Cupboard, nearly any question they ask, I am theirs for 20 minutes (if it takes that long, I originally said until they comprehend, too many were purposefully desiring to monopolize the time and complained bitterly when I changed) – free loaders and abusers in every generation – these folk were – and are – ready to leave MS even if it means learning the basics of Linux – no small task

    lime green? REALLY? what research showed that as easily seen against nearly any background? dark green like an older monochromatic screen and that would have been much better, as the Baby Booomers age (1959 for my BDay) they see darker colors much eaiser – every single gamer I have worked for has their contrast cranked and brightness markedly below 50 (on a 100 setting), especially against screen colors of a ever mutating desktop – darker tones folks if you are making an extreme change would meet with wider acceptance

    No, I do not care for the newer version either, I usually have to bore down into the registry (manually) and discover the keys governing updating to block the new MWB’s – I can appreciate the need to stand out, but MWB’s already did, it was comprehendible WITHOUT a manual

    I apologize for length of remark, I am used to dealing with seniors – in both networked business environments and residential – slow speaking (not too slow, do not offend the customer base) and clearly explaining and idea or ideal – makes for a VERY strong customer base – I got here as the Yankee (moved from Central IL to NW AR Ozarks in 2001) and did NOT advertise……relied upon WoM – Word of Mouth for a 3-year period – joined the local volunteer fire department and allowed the natives to get used to me………it was rough but a sound decision…….14 computers shops have opened here and closed and left, I remain

    13 years since arriving, very few see me as an outsider, and will come to my side to defend me as quickly as I will theirs………and I am moving on, time to grow

    yet I am not changing my self nor adjusting my business model and will continue to roll over the competition

    the Klan reared its head here when the population went from 40K in 1990 to over 65K by Y2K… 2010 they made their move, getting elected to local positions, waiting 6 months then announcing who they really were and the changes they envisioned – by Jan 2013 the local population (county-wide) is under 34K and money is so tight……..

    yet my rep is sound, folk who moved to another State and live over a 140 mile round-trip distance, will bring me their units and my 3 day turnaround time is still in effect, I am still the top IT tech in a 200 mile radius, not as a testament to my skill(s) but because I am accepted and folk want the best regardless of where they are……..

    Microshaft figures they are so solid in market share, they can now change as they see fit and everyone else will fall in line, they do not understand the American Ideal and they will not recover much of what they have lost and will continue to lose…….drop some of the flash, return to a more basic interface and you will pick back up (quickly) what you have lost and most likely, even a bit more

    the sound ideal is not too much all at once, folk say they want change yet when at home, there isn’t anything there which affects what they feel comfortable with, base your business model upon that and you will still be there, when other are not

    thanks for an outstanding product and the desire to keep folk safe…..that is also part of the Ideal………you just require a backward tweak

    Bearded Nose IT, LLC
    Deputy Director County OEM
    Chief Training Officer Vol FD
    Field IT & Logistics Officer for SARS (Search & Rescue)
    Field Command CERT (Community Emerg Response Team(s))
    AR Ozarks

  • Mark Logan

    It really does look like maleware! Even the little popup when the scan is complete…it was a bit unnerving to me.

  • Andrea Hall

    The latest version is awful. I cannot run a single scan it simply freezes up and doesn’t respond. Hate it!

  • katmandolino .

    Well, I’m decided then. I was just getting my updates and it has tried to download a new version. I think I’ll ‘cancel’ the download before it installs. Thanks to all.

  • orbfish

    I registered for an account with you solely to register my opinion. Hopefully you don’t spam me relentlessly.

    1) “I don’t like the new version. You took something that was simple and complicated it.” Someone else wrote it above, but it expresses my feelings exactly. Not that I mind getting used to a new interface, but the simple interfaces inspire more trust that the company is focusing on the tool, rather than the pretty face.

    2) You’ve taken away the quick scan in the free version. And I won’t use the paid version with the subscription model.

    3) “Repair” was much easier to click than deciding, for each item, whether to “Quarantine” or “Ignore Once” or whatever other option. Do you think all the people running your program have any idea what all the options mean? I know I don’t.

    Big step backwards. Keeping my eyes open for the “new best” anti-malware program.

  • orbfish

    @airstreambill – how can you get the old version? The installer seems to have removed it on my PC.

  • orbfish

    Sorry to keep talking, but….

    The first time I ran the new version, I got 116 objects. I repaired these, am running again, and already have 126, including all the old ones. This version appears to make the malware multiply – does anyone out there have the old version installer I could grab?

  • dillbert

    i use the free version and if i can’t stop it opening a dozen or more times a day without being asked (i will give it one more try) i’m going to uninstall the little pest. shame, the previous version was just about perfect for my needs.

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  • Sharon Johnson

    free version: I was not happy to find out that the “custom scan” going to all the separate drives, is no longer available. when you press dashboard all you get in the front is the fast scan w no choice as to separate drives. A shame. doesnt make me want to pay $25.00 for people who only care about the money now, and have forgotten quality. Frankly, I have a v scan ware just as good for half that price…you’ve gone the way of all money hungry lords malwarebye…you’ve become the scamware you are supposed to protect us from.

  • Lani Minella

    Help someone please! Using XP I bought MB pro and am using AVG free anti virus. My computer consistently hangs up and nothing is running a scan. I have to bring up the task manager and hope Malware will “let go” and let me resume my work. Any ideas? Please….this is making me want to not use the firewall and pro version of what I paid for. Thanks!

  • Jacinta Granter

    I hate the new interface. It looks like an add. It also seems to be completely unable to remove malware; the only options are ignore, quarentine, and add exclusion. Neither of which I want to do. I want the malware gone. Or do we now have to purchase the full version in order for it to function the same way it always has?


  • Cecile Nguyen

    Hi Lani Minella, please contact our support team at and one of our support agents can assist you or post in our forums at for assistance from our community.

  • Mike Looby

    The new version has started consuming a lot of CPU (50%-80%) just from scrolling up or down on a webpage. I have to disable real-time protection just to surf or play online games because it pegs my CPU at 100% and things lag and don’t run smoothly. This is the firs time I’ve ever had such a problem with this software and it’s a BIG one. If this isn’t fixed, I will just have to bite the bullet and look elsewhere. I, too, am not crazy about this interface. I much preferred the older one.

  • Cecile Nguyen

    Hi Mike, please contact our support team at and one of our support agents can assist you or post in our forums at for assistance from our community.

  • Cape Mike

    I havcen’t used MWB in a while. I downloaded the new version and thought I had just downloaded fake malware software. The new look looks just like the fake alert windows that often pop up after getting infected with a virus. Colorful buttons that say “fix now” are always on those rogue programs.
    I would revert back to a more business professional, less eye candy look.

  • Harry Spooner

    I downloaded Malwarebytes on 14/07/2014 it worked ok at first but now something has got in and disabled it. So I’m paying for some thing that doesn’t work. all the signs point to a Trojan called “Suspicious.emit”, but at the moment nothing I’ve tried will move it and customer support don’t seem too help either.

  • Cecile Nguyen (Malwarebytes)

    Hi Harry, please post in our malware removal forum at and one of our malware removal experts can assist you with this. Thanks in advance for your patience.

  • Marc Versailles

    Sysadmin here. Realize this is a 5 month old post, but seeing as you’re sticking with the new UI, just gotta say – I hate it. Really, I cringe every time I open the program. It looks just like the dozens of ransomware infections I’ve removed over the years. I realize that design ethic has worked well for ransomware, but I think it might send the wrong message if legitimate AV developers start copying it. In my personal use of the program, it still appears to function well, so you got that going for you.

  • Steve K

    I detest the new 2.x interface. The look and feel is terribly annoying. I’ll stick with1.x for as long as possible.

  • link670

    I’m uninstalling. The interface change I could live with, but the fact that the program would constantly open, run scans I didn’t schedule (and couldn’t disable), and overall just get in the way has pushed me over the edge. I’m disappointed because I have been using Mbam since it saved my computer from a nasty virus a few years back, but it just is not worth the hastle anymore.

  • GaLuburt

    I love MWB BUT! The new Malwarebytes interface looks completely like malware is it. because my system has been acting like a complete piece of crap since I Updated I am Using Pro so what’s the Problem Malwarebytes It will not install properly WHY!. Yes Revert back to what were used to WHY do people think that updates are good if they are not necessary DONT UPDATE THEM FFS.

  • Master Terio #YeetSquad


  • wmporter

    Less than thrilled. Quick Scan is gone and what’s left takes way too long. Same on all 5 machines I have used it on. New interface is also confusing. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  • Cooper McChester

    Well I am screwed.. I loved MB and was spreading the word on how good it was… key word “it was” I don’t have a problem with change but the thing you guys don’t understand or just don’t care is that some people have visual problems and when you do not allow your software to be manipulated by Window’s accessibility options, you are making your software useless to those who are visually impaired. I unistalled your new crapware and installed the old version and that worked for a couple weeks but now after trying to update the definitions, the software says “will not update the old version” and the software refuses to run.. I would be willing to pay the 30 bucks a year but only if I could use the old UI because I could actually read it..

  • Cooper McChester

    Just to let everyone know.. MWB contacted me and said it is gonna fix the accessibility issues.. JIC you have the same issues… WOO HOO

  • Cecile Nguyen (Malwarebytes)

    Hi Cooper, if you haven’t done so, we have a new beta build that adds screenreaders compatibility. You can check out the beta on our forum: (note: you’ll need to create an account and to verify your account before you have access to this beta page).

  • Cecile Nguyen (Malwarebytes)

    Hi wmporter, Quick Scan has been renamed Threat Scan. You can read more about the different names here:

    The new 2.0 version average scan time might be longer than previous versions because it is actually scanning more items. You can read more about the break down here:

  • Cecile Nguyen (Malwarebytes)

    I’m sorry to hear you are having issues. Please use the mbam-clean tool and follow the
    instructions here to remove Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM):
    (Please use the mbam-clean tool to uninstall. Do not uninstall via Windows control

    After restarting your computer, reinstall MBAM, here’s how:

    Be sure to activate Premium if you have it. Here’s how:

  • wmporter

    Doesn’t matter what it’s called. It takes way too long. Had one machine that was scanning for 3 hours only to discover it was the progress bar running and not really scanning the hard drive. Others are complaining so it’s not just me. The AV was shut down for the MBAM scan.

  • Cecile Nguyen (Malwarebytes)

    Hi wmporter, what version are you currently running? The newer updates addresses some of the long scan times (the newest version is 2.0.3). But again I would like to mention that 2.x actually scans more items than 1.x which will add to the average scan time.

  • Cooper McChester

    Well I tried the new beta and it is a no go with me. I need it to comply with windows high contrast settings so I can read what I am doing. The (read to you) maybe good for people with different visual problems than me but I do best with something I can read. When it comes to my PC I want to have the best protection that I can give it and this version does not allow me to do so. I don’t know why the old version complied to “high contrast” in windows but this one does not. Thanks for the try but I have switched to Spybot now and it is much more accessible to me

  • Gamezertruth

    malwarebytes 2 GUI now look like a fake rouge-malware scanner Even the colors look very bad !
    Got rid of new badly 2 GUI ;O)

  • Perry Pendergraft

    my computer says that the malicious website has been blocked but i still receive a pop-up wanting me to exclude the website. How do I get rid of this pop-up??

  • Cecile Nguyen (Malwarebytes)

    Hi Perry, please contact our support team at and one of our support agents can assist you or post in our forums at for assistance from our community. Thanks.

  • Gloria Swan

    Best there is on the market. It has saved me many a time and I will use it with my MSE. This program catches everything!

  • Booth Kittson

    Why? I went to run a scan after previously downloading, then removing, and re-installing, then removing, then re-installing an old version. Stupid thing updated itself again! And of course it doesn’t work!
    Interface disappears into la-la land and cannot bring back up to pause or even see if it’s doing anything. Looked for help in support forums and all posts reporting this are closed.

    You’ve ruined it. Completely unusable now.

  • Anon

    I don’t need real-time protection all the time nor the annoying pop-ups. This gets on my nerves.

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  • Carmen St John

    My MWB always freezes up and says not responding the minute I click on Apply. Been happening for months, I am getting ready to uninstall it because instead of helping it is more of a nuisance and I have the PAID VERSION. It is the best to do what it is supposed to do but every since this new version came out, absolutely awful.

  • Keith Harris

    The latest version of MWB is POOR with Windows 7. Whenever a scheduled scan begins it freezes up all use of the PC for at least 15 minutes, regardless of the type of scan used.

  • Ocean View

    I used to love MWB. That is until I noticed an automated payment for an annual subscription without any notification prior. I do not remember setting up ‘auto-pay’ when I initially signed up. And no where are any of your account details accessible via MWB application. There is zero way for me to change my billing address, email address, billing information or phone number. Nor does it have my name anywhere.
    I dislike services that are so intrusive on their end without boundaries. Had I known this procedure was how they do business, I would have looked to another company. Now I must hunt down a way to contact MWB and filter through the process to access MY account details and change my payment preferences.

  • Laurie A

    When I first used Malwarebytes it was an excellent programme, so I paid for a lifetime subscription to the Professional version a couple of years ago – and even bought a copy of it on CD. Shortly after came the new hierarchy, or whatever, and ever since I can only access the free version! I have e-mailed Malwarebytes a few times – the last a couple of days ago – but have never received a reply. I found this blog today, 1/May/2015, From reading all the comments I conclude that Malwarebytes was taken over by a pack of greedy clowns, with some knowledge of computers. For the record my license is ID: 1FN25-R18EE, Key: XXXetc.
    I bought SUPERANTISPYWARE soon after and have been using it ever since and have had no problems!

  • Raptor Jesus

    I’ve been paying this company for six years but when I need help they don’t answer their phone and don’t reply to emails.

  • Cecile Nguyen (Malwarebytes)

    Hello, unfortunately, we do not have phone support. If you would like free technical support, please contact our support team at and one of our support agents can assist you or post in our forums at for assistance from our community.

  • Cecile Nguyen (Malwarebytes)

    Hi, the auto renewal info for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium can be found toward the bottom of our shopping cart page right before you press “Buy Now”.

    If you would like to cancel auto renewal, please follow the instructions provided here:

  • Maureen Kagel

    Do I have to download Malwarebytes each time or does it work in the background continuously?

  • John Connaughton

    I was wondering how folks are feeling about the new Malwarebytes Anti-Malware since a couple years of this new version have gone by. I still have been staying with the Tried & True v. 1.75. I see the NEW version still looks the same as when it was released. But I was wondering if they worked out any of the bugs, like it freezing the computer, etc.?

  • Richard Harris

    Nightmare update for Free version. Hourly scans with main window popping up and stealing focus. Many settings such as ‘launch with windows’ inaccessible unless premium and many other nasty changes that get in the way unless you pay. Sorry MB but having to uninstall. Was nice whilst it lasted.

  • frankblank

    This problem has persisted for a year. MBAM is close to becoming a microsoft-like POS.