A Week in Security (Jun 29 – Jul 5)

July 7, 2014 | BY

Here’s a review of last week’s posts on Malwarebytes Unpacked*:

Top news stories:

  • Banking malware sniffs out data sent over HTTPS. Our friends at Trend Micro discovered a banking Trojan capable of intercepting and capturing data even when transferred securely. Its name is Emotet. (Source: Help Net Security)
  • Microsoft Darkens 4M Sites in Malware Fight. What was supposed to be a switching off of 2,000 selected malicious sites by Microsoft became an ISP-wide blackout, all in the name of security. Even legitimate domains using services of were affected by this supposed take-down. (Source: Kebs on Security)
  • Active malware operation let attackers sabotage US energy industry. “Researchers have uncovered a malware campaign that gave attackers the ability to sabotage the operations of energy grid owners, electricity generation firms, petroleum pipelines, and industrial equipment providers.” (Source: Ars Technica)

Stay secure, everyone!

The Malwarebytes Labs Team

  • orbfish

    I was just unfortunate enough to download your 2.0 version. The first time I ran it, I got 116 objects. The second time, after repairing, I am up to 126 and rising, including all the previous ones you “removed.” If you have the old version still available, please let me know, this version seems to make the malware multiply!

  • Adam Kujawa

    orbfish, did you restart your computer after the scan? The quarantine list might also just be adding onto the pre-existing list of quarantined items so that extra 10 might be from something else.

  • orbfish

    Yes, I had rebooted.